Wooden Toys Are For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Looking for inspiring gifts for kids? Or a unique gift to buy for your nephew or niece? You know the drill, it’s Tuesday morning, you work 40 hours a week and it’s your nephew’s third birthday on Saturday. You don’t have time to wander the stores and the thought of a large children’s department store is too much to bear. The answer? Buy a traditional wooden toy online.

The range of wooden toys currently available on the market is varied and colorful. From the cute rattles on the Dudy Shaker to the sturdy Pedaless bikes for toddlers, they are a smart alternative to mass-produced branded plastic toys. The price range for wooden toys is from £ 10 to £ 100, which means that there will always be something suitable for your budget.

Mainly do your research to make sure that the toy you are buying online is of high quality and suitable for the age group of the child you are shopping for.

Shopping For Baby

In general, the term baby covers the ages of 0 to 18 months and there is a big difference between these ages. A newborn baby will not be able to hold a toy and play, while an 18-month-old will probably try to dismantle the toy that she has lovingly given him, so it is important to buy it for the correct stage of development.

0-3 months; Look for a wooden toys that is bright and colorful and will entertain baby – something like a string music box is ideal.

3-6 months; This is the stage where baby will learn to hold objects and then to sit up, so look for wooden toys that can shake and rattle or bang while standing still.

6 – 9 months; Babies are now learning to crawl and never want to stay still, so push toys and balls are great for this age. For kids, it sounds like a cliché, but you can’t go wrong with a set of wheels.

9 to 18 months; from now on the development increases at the rate of knots. From crawling to walking in a few months to learning to speak and understand different shapes and colors, the choice of wooden toys becomes overwhelming. Firm favorites are push toys or ride on toys like the Wheelybug or Spinny Walker. If your 18-month-old is a one-baby wrecking derby, try a wooden xylophone or a wooden toy drum.

Treat A Small Child

The term toddler (for those of you not introducing the parenting phrasebook!) Covers the ages of 1 to 3 years (some say 4 years), so it overlaps a bit with that of baby. Basically, it’s from when they start to walk until they start to respond.

The main objective of a child at this stage is to investigate all those things that he has been seeing when he was a baby but that have been out of her reach; now they are bigger and more mobile and they want to touch. Distracting them with a spinning and rattling pull toy, or on the odd occasion they sit down, a shape sorting and understanding toy will give Mom or Dad plenty of time to cook their dinner.

Preschool Persuasion

From 3 to 5 years old, a child has learned to walk and, for many, has also mastered the English language well enough to be independent and confident. Now much of his time is devoted to their own heads: he invests in a wooden toy that feeds his imagination, as it is exceptional at this age and will help them invent games.

From 3 to 4 years old, gender begins to make a difference, at this age they are more aware of gender differences and can become quite stereotyped in the choice of toys. Girls may want to dress up and play parties, so cosmetic bags and wooden cakes will help them live out their role play. For children, fighting dragons or rescuing friends from danger, they will need wooden toy castles or police cars and fire trucks.

From 4 to 5 years old, learning and motor skills will be a priority for preschoolers, so ‘bikes without pedals’ to keep them active and puzzles representing the world around them are good preparation for the beginning of his school years

Quiet Wooden Toys

Finally, one for the parents… Wooden toys are quiet. Yes, when the building blocks fall on your wooden floor it will crash but there are no sounds or noises to drive you crazy, instead your little one can make the sound effects himself and explore what he can do.

However, unfortunately, this does not apply to wooden musical instruments!

There you have it, seven reasons why you should buy wooden toys this Christmas; And with Christmas approaching, you’ll have to grab it fast! Head over to Dorebu and check out our collection of wooden toys, games, puzzles, railroads and more! Merry Christmas to everyone at Dorebu!

They last a lifetime… or two

Wooden toys grow with your little one and the simplistic designs really help your child benefit from one toy for years to come. When they are young, they may enjoy the game because of the different texture and shapes, but as they get older and improve their skill, the same game can be a whole different world of creative play. Wooden toys may come at a higher price than plastic toys, but their durability means they can be passed down through generations. What’s nicer than comparing side by side with your newest family member next to a picture of your dad when he was a kid playing the same game.

It helps develop your child’s creativity

There are no bells and whistles with wooden toys…unless we stick them on! All the plastic toys often sing, all the toys light up and dance, and if you watch your child play with them, you’ll probably notice that he’s not really playing, just watching – albeit with a smile. Creative and imaginative play is what really helps develop and inspire your little one. The simplicity of wooden toys means that they have to create a game, imagine a story and let their minds run wild with imagination.

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