Why Small Businesses Are Using Tote Bags Instead Of Plastics

Although numerous campaigns and organizations are working against the use of plastic in the U.S., the country is the largest generator of plastic waste. About 46 million tons of plastic waste were produced in the U.S. alone in 2016.

Being a country with multiple resources to deal with the plastic wastage issue, the United States burns its plasticΒ six times moreΒ than they recycle it. Many plastic product manufacturers claim that their items can be recycled when in reality, materials like polypropylene cannot be recycled. This plastic waste and the ways of its disposal, be it burning or dumping it into the sea ends up creating plastic pollution that is hazardous for every living being.

The situation is alarming and is being acknowledged by the citizens as well as small business owners of the country. Where on the one hand people are trying to adopt sustainable living by avoiding plastic use; on the other hand, small businesses like supermarkets, grocery stores, boutiques, and many others alike are ditching plastic bags and using reusable tote bags instead.

Tote bags not only support sustainable living; they have many other benefits as well. Keep on reading to find out how the use of reusable tote bags is benefitting businesses earn credibility and promote their brand without damaging their budgets and our mother earth.


Totes are Eco-Friendly

Americans use aboutΒ 100 billion plastic bags each yearΒ and only one percent of it is recycled. Now imagine what this much amount of plastic could be doing to our seas and lands. They fly away into water and animal habitats resulting in these animals eating them thinking it’s part of nature which leads them towards their death. Environmental friendly brands are switching to tote bags to help keep the balance of nature in check and the species safe. The totes unlike their plastic counter parts are made from cloth which are biodegradable and do not hurt the environment


Conserve Resources

According toΒ SPREP, you can drive a car for a mile for the same amount of gasoline that is used to manufacture 14 plastic bags. A lot of oil and natural gases are used in the production of plastic bags that are not renewable. Tote bags are eco-friendly and far fewer resources are consumed in their manufacturing. Choosing totes over plastic bags helps save all these resources that can be used somewhere else benefitting the businesses.


Promotes Brand Effectively

Besides the effort to make the environment sustainable, there is another significant reason why businesses are opting for totes. Reusable bags also help businesses in their brand promotion. Unlike plastic bags that are disposed of after one use, a tote bag can be used for up to a year on average. Businesses customize the tote bags with their company name and information to boost brand awareness. From the advertising point of view, one year is a long time and not for one bag but hundreds of bags out there catching the eye of onlookers and by-passers.

TheseΒ custom tote bagsΒ help boost the brand’s visibility. It remains within the sight of the target market, for them to remember the company. It wouldn’t be wrong if call tote bags the most cost-efficient walking billboards.


Can be Utilized for Multiple Purposes

Tote bags you get at the grocery stores or supermarket are not just for shopping. They can be utilized for multiple purposes including your daily chores, carrying books, or supplies from the market. You can use them to carry food and extra clothes when going for beach picnics. When going to the gym or making a trip to the laundromat, totes are the ideal choice to stash your clothes as they are the most convenient option with a big enough size and durability.


Save a lot of Unnecessary Spendings

Most of the stores charge their customers for plastic bags and each trip requires four to five bags. Now the small amount you may be paying for the plastic bags may not seem much at the time but according to the shopping statistics from theΒ Natural Resources Defense Council, an average American family uses 1,500 plastic bags a year. Now do the math and see how much you are spending unnecessarily.

When it comes to recycling, it takes around $5000 to salvage one ton of plastic bags while it is sold for only $30. Opt for tote bags and save the money that can be utilized on something useful.




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