Advantage of rely on influencers Marketing

You can create an intriguing and user-friendly website. And can become an influencer by starting a careful content strategy by organizing your company blog with your social networks in the best possible way, and you can optimize your content on the SEO side. You can set up robust email marketing campaigns, and to strengthen your positioning, you can also spend your time in link building.

In short, when it comes to web marketing, ideas cannot really be lacking. But once you’ve done all of this, what else can you do? Well, surely you can do better and better, more and more: optimization, in fact, is never – never – complete, and the contents can always be improved. But you can also try something new: have you ever heard of influencer marketing?

Definitely yes: since 2015, the term ‘influencer’ has experienced rampant popularity. And this is because, indeed, influencers can do great things for any brand and for any business. Also for yours. But why should you toy with the idea of ​​relying on an influencer? Is one worth the other? Let’s see the benefits and tricks of influencer marketing! And Buying Instagram Followers Australia.


What is Influencer Marketing?

Let’s start with a general and somewhat abstract definition: we can talk about influencer marketing when a company turns to one or more influential personalities to produce content capable of increasing its attractiveness. But what, then, is the difference between an influencer and a testimonial? And really, to do good influencer marketing, is it enough to turn to an ‘influential’ person?


Let’s go into a little more detail. The influencer is not a simple testimonial transplanted from classic media – and therefore from television or print advertisements – to the network. No, there is a lot of difference between these two figures. The testimonial is in fact any famous person, easily recognizable by the public – Jerry Scotty, Belen Rodriguez, Francesco Totti – who, quite simply, for a hefty fee, lends his face to advertising a brand.

It should be emphasized that the testimonial does not lend his own experience, but only and solely his face: Antonio Banderas is not an expert miller, and Alessandro Del Piero has no particular experience in the field of mineral waters. And that’s not all: in the case of testimonials, the public is aware of the fact that these are paid by the advertised company, and that therefore the spot is nothing more than fiction.

Condition differentiation

The situation is different with regards to influencers: they do not appear in promotional spots, no, but they produce content on a certain product or on a certain brand, inserting them in a wider and continuous creation of content for the web. Therefore, he dedicates only a small part of his time to promoting other people’s products, instead of dedicating mostly to the creation of a relationship of trust with his audience through social networks.


Furthermore, the influencer is an expert. A fashion expert, a cooking expert, an automobile expert, a video game expert … it is therefore not just a face, but rather a person who also puts his skills at the service of the public – and, reflection, of the paying company.


Their success is dictated by their being real. And we don’t just refer to influencers known to the general public, beautiful, young, and rich, such as Chiara Ferragni, Huda Kattan, and Cameron Dallas. We also talk about the various niche influencers, which in many cases can be much, much more effective than the real ‘VIPs’ of the web. So let’s talk about those very active people online with a high number of followers, and therefore of users who follow them daily in search of tips, advice, and news.

The mention of a brand, in this case, is not seen as a hustler – or at least, not only – but rather as a news tip, a new suggestion that comes from those who know a little more. Here, for this reason, influencer marketing can be extremely useful, for any type of business. But how can you go about finding the right influencer for your company?


How to find your influencer?

Well, let’s assume that yours is a small company, with a low budget. In short, your influencer cannot be Cristiano Ronaldo, nor even Carlo Cracco. How to find it? There are several ways:


ask your colleagues and your employees which are the most authoritative people, they say, within your sector; do a Google search, explicitly looking for influencers for your niche; get in touch with journalists who deal with topics that fall within your range of action, favoring those who edit regular columns on that specific topic, and who are therefore universally recognized as experts search within your own followers: in your own audience, in fact, there may be particularly active and well-known users who could help you ‘from below’; in any case, it favors users who, with a high number of followers, accompany a high level of engagement: an influencer with 100,000 silent and completely indifferent followers, in fact, is a completely useless influencer.

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