Why is getting a home inspection important?

Why are real estate inspections recommended? Is the money spent on a home inspection worth it? How much will it cost to get a home inspection done? What kind of services are included in a standard home inspection? What additional services are needed in order to get a thorough home inspection? Should we get a home inspection done for a house we are living in? Should we get a pre-listing home inspection done before trying to sell a house?

Should we get a home inspection done before buying a house or property?

These are some of the questions that come to mind of a homeowner or someone who is looking for a new house for them but are confused. Let us list down why you need to get home inspections Atlanta Georgia has to offer if you are living here and suspect something mentioned for the safety of the residents and it does not matter which category you fall in. The first category that we will discuss here is a current homeowner who is living in a house that has never been inspected or a house that has not been inspected in a long time. It is highly recommended for you to get a home inspection done from a certified company in order to know that the place you are living in is safe for your stay or not.

If your house has never been inspected then there is a good chance that there are many problems present in your house that are apparently invisible for the naked eye but are causing more trouble than we can imagine. For instance, high levels of radon inside the house. If your house has never been inspected, it is evident that it will not have a radon mitigation system installed. And if that is the case then there is a high risk of elevated levels of radon inside your house. If you are not already aware then it is important for you to know that radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and is present in the air around us in trace amounts but it has the ability to get trapped inside the house and cause trouble for the residents because prolonged exposure to radon gas has proven to cause lung cancer. Another issue that messes up with the respiratory system is the presence of mold or asbestos inside the house.

Mold grows on dark and humid surfaces inside your house and mold spores are present in the air we breathe in. Whenever the spores find a suitable place to grow which is damp and dark, they grow causing damage to the respective surface and affects the health of the residents as well. Asbestos is a kind of insulation material used in older houses to make them warmer and get the heat trapped inside the house. Over time, this insulation becomes worn out and can roam in the air around you. If inhaled, this can stick in the inside lining of your lung and cause a specific type of lung cancer called mesothelioma, another disease called asbestosis which is inflammation or scarring of the lung tissue is caused by this and becomes a major problem for the residents of the house.

Some other issues which can be bad for the health or even can be fatal are gas leaks.

In a home inspection, gas leak detection is added in order to be sure that no gas like propane, methane, or carbon monoxide is present inside the house due to faulty heating and cooling appliances affecting the respiratory and nervous system of the resident or even worse. There is a good chance of a house fire if such gases are exposed inside the house and someone lights up a match or some electrical appliances that can react to such favorable conditions. Some other problems that are not yet known to cause bad effects on health but damage the structure of the house badly and can cost you a lot are termites. The presence of wood-destroying insects inside the house is known to cause irreparable damage and can cost thousands of dollars.

One even more expensive damage is a water leak. In-home inspections, water leak detection is added in order to detect the leaks prior to any huge damage which may be very heavy on the pocket. All of these factors are really important to be double-checked so that you may not have to risk the health of your family and the savings you did for some important occasion being spent on something that could have been prevented. These were the perspectives relative to the fact that if we are already living in a house which was never tested and more points of views will be discussed later on.聽聽

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