Why Cloud Services Have Become Essential For IT Vendors

Finding the best cloud service is not an easy task. You’ve to understand a lot of things before choosing any cloud service.

If you’re confused about cloud services and their types, then you should go through this blog. We will give you a better understanding of the cloud servers. With time, many IT vendors are moving towards cloud hosting. Not just about IT industry, every other industry requires a quick and reliable cloud solution. Cloud hosting has a lot of benefits so if you’re planning to move towards cloud hosting.

Firstly, you should understand, that

what is a cloud server??

A cloud server is a logical server that hosts and delivers web/ mobile applications through a cloud computing platform over the internet. Cloud server follows infrastructure-as-a-model. Generally, a cloud server has two main types – physical and logical servers. A physical server is distributed into two or more logical servers, each of the logical servers can have a standalone OS. A physical server can be accessed remotely but the physical server never shares any of its resources, it is also known as a dedicated cloud server whereas a logical server uses server virtualization for transferring data and it uses to share its resources with different virtual users. A logical server can be defined where the workload is distributed among different servers.

Key Features of Cloud Server: –

  • Computing infrastructure can be virtual, physical, or a mix of both depending on the requirement.
  • Cloud servers enable the storage of large amounts of information.
  • Automate your tasks by accessing API.
  • Cloud servers enable users to run intensive workloads.

But why Prefer Cloud Server: –

  • Integration – An organization’s cloud servers are fully networked to ensure fast deployment and uninterrupted communication.
  • Cost Effectiveness – One of the most popular terms always stick with cloud server usage. β€œYou only have to pay for what you use”. This clearly reduces the expense of maintaining server hardware.
  • Scalability – Users can scale from their existing web hosting plans to meet their upcoming and changing needs. Scalability will help clients with their fluctuating needs.

After knowing that why you should prefer the cloud server, it is also important to know about the operating systems and the benefits of choosing them. There are majorly two popular operating systems that are used in managing web hosting – Windows and Linux OS. In cloud hosting, they are also referred to as Windows cloud hosting and Linux cloud hosting.

  • Windows Cloud Hosting – Windows cloud hosting offers enhanced performance, control, uptime, first-rate configuration, and most important full security. Windows is very widely used, it also contains native and simple GUI. Using of Windows authentication framework enables you to log in to your server in almost no time. Users don’t need to install any additional software on their computers. Windows cloud hosting offers great benefits such as: –
    • Full Administrator Access and Remote Desktop – Windows servers are equipped with full administrative access through the remote desktop. Windows users can have full access to their server for managing the files of the OS. Administrators get more rights such as – controlling the network, power, storage, and much more.
    • Scalability – Windows cloud hosting is very scalable. One can easily enhance and reduce with minimum downtime as per requirement. Customers can easily purchase additional RAM, CPU, and other computer resources to scale up their existing Windows cloud hosting services.
    • Flexible Cost – Windows Cloud hosting lowers the total cost of ownership and such cost can be utilized for other purposes. There is no need to spend on hardware such as – storage, routers, switches, and more. The implementation of load balancers optimizes the resources. This is a great option for companies who are unable to recognize how much web traffic they will receive.
  • Linux Cloud Hosting – Linux is a family of open-source that is fully based on the Linux kernel. It includes different OS systems that provide groundbreaking web hosting services to their clients. Linux is considered one of the best OS for cloud-based hosting services. Many enterprises have quickly adopted Linux for managing their cloud services. Linux is highly reliable in every cloud computing environment that supports a variety of configurations and devices.

Linux offers numerous benefits such as: –

  • Cost Cutting – Cost is the biggest upshot of cloud hosting but when Linux has entered the cloud hosting industry. It has changed a lot of things because many OS in the Linux family come open source and many enterprises have adopted it in their cloud infrastructure. There are some paid OS’s in Linux but they relatively low in cost than Windows OS.
  • Scalability – Linux is designed to run everywhere; enterprises don’t need to put their finance on special hardware. Linux can run from smaller to bigger hardware because most of its tools can be easily accessible on the command line.
  • Open Source – You might feel a bit worry about future enhancements, updates, bug fixes, and support. You can put those worries aside because Linux offers a large open community where you can find solutions to every problem that is related to Linux. By deploying Linux in your cloud infrastructure, you’ll not find any difficulty because Linux adopts any hardware. Still, there are many companies who find some difficulty in deploying Linux, they can take help from the Linux community. Its whole family is designed to open source; open source helps companies to set up Linux according to their usage. Linux will run only that module that is configured no other task will ever run in the background. This helps in consuming a lot of RAM and cache memory.


Thus, Windows and Linux both offer some great features. Linux cloud hosting offers great memory management whereas Windows cloud hosting offers easy-to-use GUI. But still depending on your requirement, you can use any of them. With great planning and deployment, you can easily manage both of the OS in your cloud infrastructure. For the finest cloud services, navigate to Go4hosting. Go4hosting constantly working to provide the best cloud hosting services to their customers. Go4hosting cloud hosting services have covered every cloud hosting asset that is required in hosting your web/ mobile apps.

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