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Where should a full length mirror be placed?

Where should a full length mirror be placed?

A full length mirror is a valuable piece of furniture to have in your home, so the question becomes where should it be placed? The answer depends on w

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A full length mirror is a valuable piece of furniture to have in your home, so the question becomes where should it be placed? The answer depends on what you are using the mirror for.

If you need to see yourself from head to toe when getting dressed, then hanging the mirror opposite your closet door will help. If you want to use it as a vanity and put makeup on every morning, then placing it next to a window or natural light source would work best.

For those who just like looking at themselves before heading out into the world, creating an entire room with mirrors might be more fun! In this article, we’ll discuss where you should place a full-length mirror.


A full-length mirror in a bathroom can help you see your outfit as a whole. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if something will look good just by looking at the parts, so seeing everything together is helpful.

A large bath with an extra-long counter (or two) and plenty of room for storage are perfect for making this work well in any style of home because they provide the space needed for placing one or more mirrors.

Consider adding lights above them too! These are great when trying makeup during morning hours and need that extra brightness to do their best job.


You can place a full-length mirror on bedroom walls too, but they should be placed in a spot where you can see the entire room. This is helpful for getting ready before your day begins or looking over outfits with detail and precision.

You might also consider placing mirrors on an armoire as well for more options when choosing to change clothes during the day.

A full-length mirror doesn’t have to be hung in just one place, but should instead reflect your needs as well as space available in any given room.

For example, if there are no doorways with enough space available from a floor-to-ceiling height then it’s best to look at other options such as placing them horizontally near windows so they can serve more than one purpose.

Reflecting light into the windowless areas of the house plus seeing yourself while getting ready before leaving for work each day – this way you’ll also get natural lighting which always helps during morning hours too!

Child’s Room

Kids love to see themselves in a mirror, you can put a full-length mirror in the child’s room so they can get dressed without having to wait for mom or dad.

But you need to think about your kids’ safety and hang or put the mirror where it’d be safe for your kids if it’s been broken.


A long hallway is also perfect for placing multiple mirrors as it will give ample space and won’t take up much real estate inside your home.

If there are no doorways available then hang them from ceiling to floor – this way you’ll have lots of natural light coming into each one which will make it easier if you need to see certain areas of your body when dressing!

In Front of Your Living Room Mirror

If you’re always running back and forth from the living room to wherever it’s nice to have a full-length mirror in front of your large living room mirror so you don’t need to stop every time!

Also, you can use a full length mirror for selfies to take awesome photos and share them on social media, it would be fun!

It may seem like there are many places to place them but it really depends on where you feel most comfortable seeing yourself – if that’s in front of a living room mirror then do so! These mirrors provide natural light which is better than artificial lighting when trying to get dressed (or even just see something) without squinting too hard!

How to clean a hazy mirror?

We talked about where a full-length mirror would be placed. Let’s talk about how to clean a hazy mirror like a pro!

It might seem like there are many ways to do so, but it really depends on what type of glass you have and the level of dust build-up.

To get that clear reflection back, try cleaning your mirror with an ammonia-free window cleaner – make sure you use one specifically for mirrors!

You can also DIY this process by mixing equal parts water, vinegar, and dish soap in a spray bottle.

Spray onto a paper towel or microfiber cloth (these two will provide maximum effectiveness) and wipe down the entire surface until everything is streak-free!

The best way to avoid hazing up your mirror from too much time spent indoors is by applying anti-fog coating which prevents any moisture build-up when the hot air in your home and car from evaporating.

Finally, make sure that if you’re placing your long mirror near anything metallic (such as furniture) then cover up any exposed surfaces with some type of fabric such as muslin cloth which prevents light reflectivity and causes less glare off shiny metals. The same goes for windows – don’t put mirrors next to them!


Whether you are just starting to decorate your home or looking for new ideas, make sure that the full-length mirror in your house is positioned so that it reflects light into another room.

Placing a large mirror near an open window will bounce natural sunlight around and brighten up smaller spaces. This technique can be used in small bedrooms as well as living rooms with no windows. Read more about mirror tips and tricks on DIGITALALOY.