What Is Akatsuki Cloud?

If you have ever seen Naruto episodes, then you have probably heard of the anime series Akatsuki Cloud. It is a follow-up on the famous Bleach anime series that has spanned many seasons and years. This series is truly amazing and is something that I would recommend anyone to watch. If you are new to anime or just thought it was not for you, give it a try because you might just find yourself addicted to it.

Akatsuki Cloud

The story of Akatsuki Cloud follows the normal school life of the main character, Shihoin. He was always a bit scared of his older sister, Mito, who is a highly skilled martial artist. Since he wanted to be a strong fighting force himself, he trained hard to become perfect with his sword techniques and other skills. One day, he went out with his friends to play a baseball game and when he got home, he found out that his sister had gone into another world. She was nowhere to be found and he was deeply distraught over the whole incident.


With this lack of awareness, he was tricked by his evil stepmother into using her abilities for evil. Then she attempted to kill Shihoin but the latter managed to stop her. He then went to look for his sister and discovered that she had turned into a vampire. The irony of the situation didn’t escape Shihoin. He and his friends tried to help the girl to get back but were themselves soon put in danger by a group of vampires.


To save his friends, Shihoin had to fight and defeat the vampire that was known as Byakuya. This fight put Shihoin’s life at stake. After defeating Bakuya, Shihoin took Mito to heaven where he promised to care for her. Mito was greatly relieved after hearing that and grew stronger from the experience.

There was also another interesting development in the anime. Mito was revealed to have been the one who had saved Shihoin’s sister, whom he had seen killed earlier. Mito used his healing power to take care of the injured Shihoin while his partner healed the girl.

Akatsuki Cloud

Then there was the appearance of a mysterious new girl who was also living with Mito. This girl was revealed to be the shinigami (lightning warriors) who later went on to become the Nodensha (lightning god). This girl was named Ryuk dropped Hitsu shinigami (eight-handed knives). She took on Shihoin’s role as Mito’s lover. 

Later in the series, Mito confesses his love for Ryuk. He then proceeded to join Ryuk’s forces in fighting against the darkness.


One interesting thing about this series is how the writers handle Shihoin and Mito’s relationship. Shihoin’s history was left out of the series making the reader wonder why he was not present during the time of the events that took place. Mito’s history however is explained in detail, making us see what the boy did leading up to the events of Akatsuki Cloud. It also gives insight into how Mito came to be the Nodensha boy.


The plot of the anime series is very good. The fighting scenes are very intense. I was even impressed with the way the author wrote about the different supernatural beings. What is the Akatsuki cloud? does have a strong plot with a lot of twists and turns but the main character is also very likable.


The author did an excellent job of transforming Mito into a more respectable person by the end of the series. His history and motivation for joining the Nodensha were given more weight. This makes the manga more realistic and believable. The story was appealing from start to finish. I was hooked right from the start.


The manga is well-paced. The beginning and the middle chapters had some very thrilling scenes. I felt that I was being drawn in effortlessly to the story and the characters. The fight scenes were intense.

Akatsuki Cloud

One thing I would like to point out is that the anime covers a very large subject matter in a very condensed way. This may be one of the reasons why the manga is shorter. However, I feel that there were still too many details and elements in the manga for me to sum it up into a short review. The reader will just have to read the manga for him or herself to decide if this story is for them. I would suggest people who haven’t read anything about the Akatsuki character check the manga out.


Cool Akatsuki Cloud Tattoo Designs

Akatsuki Cloud is a Japanese translation of the word cloud and in this case, it translates into “Cloud”. This term was first used in a puzzle during the 1980s, but today, it is used to refer to any kind of cloud or “hea” (short for “heirloom”). If you are looking for a cheap and high-quality Akatsuki cloud – you can find it in Joomla from 4.5 to 35 dollars. A complete range of colors in the Joomla catalog: Black, Red, Yellow, White, Grey, Pink, Blue, Beige, Bronze, Green, Khaki, Grey.


As its name suggests, the Akatsuki cloud is made of pink and black colors. On the pattern side, there are several styles. The most basic design shows a cloud formation with some black lines at the center. In the case of a small cloud, you can probably add details like swirls or dots.


In the case of a big cloud, it gets more complicated. For example, in this case, the cloud is shaped like a bar, with three points. Two other styles are simpler. The basic design still has four points, but in the case of a cloud with two or three thinner lines, the design gets even simpler.


The first one is called Striking Cloud. With this design, you can easily mark out the points with the help of a marker pen. However, you can’t color the cloud yet. You can add details like swirls or dots to complete it.

The second style is called Striking Tilt Cloud. Like Striking Cloud, you can easily mark out the points using a marker pen. This is a more advanced design and it doesn’t have any connection with Japanese character tattoos. It can be your unique tattoo if you like.

Akatsuki Cloud

Another style is called Tilt Destination. With this design, you have a very simple design. It is the opposite of Striking Cloud. It doesn’t have any connection with clouds. The design here is black and white.

The third type is called Reach For Cloud. With this style, you have a very detailed image. The image here shows a person’s body with his hands holding something. His arms are bent forward as he tries to reach something. The cloud in the background is also very detailed and it looks like the real thing.


If you want an Akatsuki Cloud tattoo, you should check out this gallery. It has a lot of high-quality designs for you to choose from. If you want an original design, you should always go for something that doesn’t have any relation with the anime. The reason why we mentioned that you shouldn’t have any relation with the anime is that many tattoo artists are making their versions of Akatsuki Cloud. Even if it’s a bad translation, it will still be an original design. There are a lot of tattoo designs out there, so you should take your time and look for the perfect one.


One of the most popular designs for this genre is the clubbed band. Most of them start as a simple cloud, but then they add a few feathers. This is a great example of how you can start an image with a cloud but then add some details. For example, if you wanted an Akatsuki tattoo, you could start with a simple cloud and have a few feathers added on. Then you could have the entire design start to look like a crow. This will be unique and a cool tattoo.


Another cool style that you can get is the flying cloud. As I mentioned before, this is where you can get a cloud with the name of the person that you’re getting it for. For example, if you were thinking about getting a tattoo for your little sister, you could get her a cute Akatsuki Cloud design. I’m sure that she would love it. A lot of women like the flying cloud, because it’s a feminine design.


Another cool design that I like is the flower tattoo. Again, this will go great if you have a little girl that you want to get a tattoo of. The cute flower design will just add to it and make it a really cute tattoo.

These are three of my favorite styles that you can get from Akatsuki Cloud Tattoo. If you’re looking for something different, then I suggest that you check out their designs. They have some of the best designs on the market. As you may know, they specialize in unique tattoo designs. You’ll love them.

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