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About eClinicalWorks EMR

eClinicalWorks is a very big medical software production company which has been around for decades. This company has a great reputation for producing top of the line medical software. The most popular EHR this company has produced is eClinicalWorks EMR Software which happens to be its best seller as well. The company launched the software a while ago but makes sure to introduce new features to it and keep it in the news at all times. So even in 2020 and 2021; when the world was gripped with the violence of coronavirus, the software flourished!

eClinicalWorks Recent Updates

Telehealth: A Blessing

One of the best things about eClinicalWorks EHR is the telehealth feature and before the Covid-19 pandemic had the world in its grip, this feature was already present and loved by users. The telehealth feature in eClinicalWorks allows you to set up patient appointments virtually so during the pandemic, patients who wanted a socially distanced appointment could easily schedule an online appointment instead and the doctor could attend it via video conferencing call features the software provides them with making it very easy for you to take care of your patients even virtually! The telehealth feature in this software was always robust but with the pandemic, the company invested more time and resources into it to make it even better according to more recent customer reviews.

1 Million Telehealth Minutes a Day

In fact, the software’s telehealth feature has recently been used so much that the company logged about 1 million telehealth minutes a day on average during a month in 2020. Thousands of people around the country trusted eClinicalWorks EMR to get the job done. This software helped create appointments where they otherwise would have been canceled! The software allowed for patients to get in touch with doctors even in adverse circumstances which normalized social distancing as the protocol for most things including doctors appointments.


Facilitating with Physician BurnOut

Physician burnout has been a very real problem especially with Covid-19 as everyone involved with medicine was forced to serve at the front lines and experience long work hours and compromised working conditions. The software thus launched a virtual assistant feature which facilitated doctor and medical staff in several ways so that they could have a reduced amount of workload on their plate. The feature allowed for easier scheduling of appointments and much more which allowed staff and doctors to relax and focus on patients instead of administrative work.

Interoperability a Top Priority

With eClinicalWorks EMR you are able to easily integrate different software into it so that you can work everything in tandem rather than having to update each software individually. Practice management software and billing software can both be added to the EMR and used together. The software can also run in depth analysis for your practice, from patient statistics to much more as it is equipped to do so. This allows you to have a better idea of your performance and the company introduced more ways you can run analysis and hence become better equipped at handling things!

Helping Save Medical Practices and Jobs

Due to Covid-19 a lot of medical practice for specific medical specializations suffered quite a lot.

Because of patients’ reluctance to go to places where they feared contracting the virus, and medical related facilities being top of that list, it made a lot of sense that medical practices were losing out on patients and facing issues with keeping afloat since they were not getting appointments hence not making any money. But according to eClinicalWorks EMR, the company helped practice’s stay afloat and make ends meet because they were able to shift their processes online with the telehealth feature. And according to latest figures and news from the tech giant, the software has helped practices recruit new patients who had previously been unavailable to them due to geographical location or whatever other reason there might be!

Should you Choose eClinicalWorks EMR Software?

If you are now thinking whether or not you should opt for this software then you probably should come to a decision on your own instead of relying on what we have to say. The first thing you should do is read as many reviews for the software as you can so that you are able to know what current users think of it.


We also highly suggest that you ask the vendor for a eClinicalWorks EMR demo to see whether or not the software is worth your time as seeing a software and its features in action is much different from just reading about these features.


Hopefully, you will be able to come to the right decision about whichever EHR software you end up using.

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