Types of Covid Tests

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, many worry about the covid tests. How to get tested, where is the testing facility available, how authentic it is. People are asking if the tests work or not are reliable. Most importantly, are they safe, and what kind of test is most suitable for you.Β 

All these questions make sense, and it happens when you have a novel deadly virus outbreak in the whole world. No one knows for sure. It’s scary and consuming. Some of the things are hard to believe, while others are just what comes with a pandemic.Β 

Scientists and medical experts of the world have now come to learn about all the ways to get cold tests. They now know for sure which tests can work best for certain situations, and there is rapid development in the Covid-19 related tests and vaccines. The world is trying to make vaccines and tests available for the masses as soon as possible.Β 

With all these advancements, people still ask which is the fastest or the most authentic type of test. Here are the answers to your covid related queries:

The Available Tests for Covid Rapid Covid Testing Near Me Walgreens:Β 

At present, we have two basic types of covid testing available. Both the tests mainly look for an active virus strain in our body and identity in the results if you have the virus or not.Β 

The difference exists between the method of testing, the time it takes, and the techniques that they utilize. The most sensitive ones are RNA tests, and they can show positive even after the recovery from the virus. At the same time, you take a covid test, the kind of test that you depends on why you need it in the first place. The purpose of your covid test decides the kind of test you go for. While some people get the test to ensure they are virus-free, for others, it’s a travel requirement or a job requirement.Β 

Getting the Right Covid Test:

Again, the right covid test for you depends on the goal. There are no single tests that can meet all the needs, but different tests are specific for different goals.Β 

Molecular Test (RNA or PCR test) for Rapid Covid Testing Near Me Walgreens:Β 

The RNA tests are, so far, the most accurate and sensitive cover tests. They detect active infections by identifying active viral strains in your blood. If you think that you have covid and you need to prove it to your employer or college, you can take this test.Β 

For this type of covid testing, the health care provider collects your mucus from your nose or saliva or throat. They do it with the help of special swabs or cotton buds. The RNA test is also known as polymerase chain reaction (PCR).Β 

PCR duplicates the strain of virus that is present in your blood sample under specific lab conditions. It detects the virus’s genetic material and duplicates it, so if there is no virus present in your blood, it will not be able to duplicate it, and hence you will have a negative result.Β 

The turnaround time for this virus varies from few minutes to few days, but it depends on certain factors. Such as whether you give the sample in the lab or somewhere else. If you give your samples in the lab or close to it, your results will arrive sooner because it takes time to translocate the samples.Β 

The tests that use a nasopharyngeal swab are a little uncomfortable for many people as it irritates your mucus line for a moment, and you tend to sneeze. But these kinds of tests are still the most accurate, gold-standard tests because you get a good sample in this way. Many countries and regions offer drive-through covid testing facilities as well for the convenience of the people.Β 

Antigen Test (Rapid test) for Rapid covid testing near me wal greens:Β 

If you are looking for Rapid covid testing near me wal greens, an antigen test can be the most suitable one for you. The turnaround time of this test is much quicker than the other types, and it’s also cheaper. These tests are useful when you need urgent results. The government is using these tests for mass testing facilities where they have to perform a record number of tests every day and give the results.Β 

These tests are also accurate; although not as much as the RNA ones, they are still useful. The technique to perform this test is also of the nasal swab. Which, again, could be a little uncomfortable.Β 

People prefer to get this test if they do not want to wait for days to get the results. However, sometimes these tests miss active infection. In case you have prominent symptoms, but you test negative, your doctor will order a more accurate test such as RNA or antibody to confirm.Β 

Antibody tests:

When a person contacts any virus, their body responds by generating certain immune cells. These immune cells stay in our blood in the form of memory cells. They have the memory of the virus as an enemy, and they work to fight against that virus whenever our body contacts them. The antibody tests simply identify the presence of these immune cells in the blood. If they are present in your blood, it means that you either have the active virus or had it in the past.Β 


Getting covid test while we are still fighting one of the most deadly pandemics is very crucial. By getting the tests, you can save yourself and other people. It can save many lives and stop the virus from spreading. While people are dying from the novel covid-19 virus, it is only ethical to get tested and isolate yourself if you have the virus. Whether or not you have the virus, make sure to wear masks and stay safe. The whole world is going through a pandemic, and we are in this together.Β 

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