Tips to Make your Outdoor Living Space More Comfortable

As we move into our Aussie winter, this is the perfect time to plan a garden revamp, ready for next summer and there are many things you can do to upgrade your outdoor living space. It all depends on what you already have, your plans, and, of course, your budget, as to what extent your upgrade will take. Here are a few ideas to consider when looking to revamp your back garden.

  • Build a deck – Of course, you may already have a hardwood deck as your place of rest and relaxation and if that has seen better days, you could replace the timber planks providing that the frame is solid. If you are into DIY, this would make for a challenging project and there are many β€˜how to’ videos on YouTube that detail every step of the project.
  • Choosing outdoor furniture – Check out the stunning outdoor furniture from Bar Stool Home, one of the leading suppliers of outdoor furniture in Australia, where you can find a wide range of items, all at affordable prices. Neutral colours always work well in a garden setting; choose two main shades and build around that, adding potted plants when the decor is finished.
  • Hanging chairs – If you have yet to try an egg chair, you don’t know what you are missing! A couple of hanging egg chairs at each end of your deck provides a shaded area to read and check your morning emails. Search online for a local supplier of outdoor furniture and order a couple of hanging egg chairs.
  • Bean bags – What’s not to like about bean bags? Throw them anywhere and you have a soft surface to fall into; be careful, your dog will commandeer the bean bag and that will become his spot! There is a range of fillings and with a durable fabric, these amazing bags are perfect when visitors arrive. Keep them in a storage area and use as needed and the extra-large bags are brilliant for sleep. If interior renovation is on the menu, here are a few tips.
  • Hammock – The word hammock deserves to be the same sentence with relaxation and with a fisherman style hammock hanging to one side under a shaded area, you have an idyllic place to hang out. Again, the best deals for hammocks can be found online and there are many styles; Bali, Thai and even Polynesian.
  • Minimalist look – The deck area can look cluttered if you have too many items on show; think functionality and ease of movement when furnishing your rest and relaxation zone. Use Google Images for some dΓ©cor inspiration and create a β€˜to scale’ floor plan for the deck, looking for essentials that take up minimal space.

If you have permanent shading, you can leave cushion covers out and not have to worry about rain and if you qualify, you can get help with garden maintenance. Spend the time planning now and when next summer arrives, your outdoor living space will be ready and you and your family can relax in the shade.