Face Recognition Deep Learning – Robust And Secure

face recognition

Facial recognition has become an essential tool to authenticate the identity of customers. At present time, it is utilized by multiple industries to prevent identity thefts. It is used by airport authorities to screen passengers and to detect fraud in travel visas and passports. Law enforcement agencies employ it for scanning the criminals’ data and … Read more

How to Become a More Effective Office Manager

office manager

The role of office manager is evolving to meet business needs in this fast-changing world. Office managers were traditionally responsible for ensuring the smooth running of workplaces. But that job description has undergone great changes, especially in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, office managers are expected to show flexibility in handling different tasks. … Read more

How To Present A Quality Charcoal Soap In A Best Soap Boxes

We spend a lot of time outdoor because of different responsibilities and for work purposes. According to Environmental Protection Agency, an average American spends 93% of his life outdoor, out of which 87% is spent indoors, and the remaining 13% is spent by doing outdoor work. That might sound like a little time from your … Read more