Selected Birthstones with Meaning, Color and Characteristics

Selected Birthstones with Meaning, Color and Characteristics

Birthstones give new additional look to the jewelry. In the current era it is growing trend to use gemstone jewelry. Now here we are focusing on the M

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Birthstones give new additional look to the jewelry. In the current era it is growing trend to use gemstone jewelry. Now here we are focusing on the March Birthstones. These stones are dedicated to Pisces and Aries. Besides these two zodiac sign, the people belong to other zodiac signs also can use these stone because of their beauty and luster. The stones under discussion are Bloodstone, Aquamarine and Diamond.


Name of the birthstone gives us ideas about its characteristics and physical outlook. But realistic knowledge has revealed that it is stone that plays vital role for the owners to purify his blood. It develops energy in human beings to sacrifice for others to invoke high moral standards of life. This is a way to live a contented and tension free long life.

Psychological Influences of Bloodstone Birthstone

No doubt this gemstone has healing traits. In a very slow way, it promotes positive changes in the personality. New positive ideas arrive in the owner. With good mental energy social and professional life enters in the progress zone.

Bloodstone for Improving Immune System

The gemstone energizes the immune system by refreshing the blood. As a result positive energy in the body boosts exponentially. Creative potential starts growing. With the development of intuitive power consistent interest of the wears flourishes. Finally with clear mental ideas wisdom level fill out.


It is the modern March birthstone. It is stone with memorable outlook having blue-green color tone. Aquamarine is calm and balancing birthstone for the people born in the month of March. The aquamarine word has meaning “Sea Water”. The blue colors hues represent the presence of iron traces in the stone.

Characteristics of Aquamarine

  • Sailors often keep this stone with them for safe and sound sailing. Further, they place aquamarine under their pillow for transformation of energy.
  • It has been used for physical energy in the battles.
  • The gemstone improves the intellectual energy for creative ideas to settle the hyper mind.
  • The stone is a love stimulator. It cultivates passion of love, soft and delicate feeling having similarity with the moon.
  • With slow pace it gathers energy that is milestone during meditation and for effective communication. Finally spiritual awareness develops in the wearers. The spiritual growth makes the persons acumen to handle any type of circumstances like noble persons.
  • Aquamarine is preferably used in the jewelry to develop good relationship with your partners. Finally aquamarine jewelry is one of the best gifts for your spouse for eternal love of your happy marriage life.


It is the stone of Aries. Aries zodiac symbol is RAM and element is Fire. Aries Birthstone is for the people having date of birth for 21st March to 31st March. RAM is an animal that protects its life because of its head. It means the entire energy of the animal is in its head. Likewise Aries Birthstone personalities use their cognitive and intellectual energy for decisions concerning to their professional and social life. There are salient features of diamonds that are explained in the below sections.

  • Aries Birthstone Color is one of the main features of the gemstones that grow its market value. For mineral diamond often people are insistent for the purchase of mineral diamond that is rarely free from birthmarks. A natural colorless diamond is very precious that is stone for heavy pockets.
  • If you want to cut a glass, you will see diamond in glass cutter tool. Because of its high level hardness, there is no alternative for this stone in the industry.
  • With the research it is possible today to use the diamond in the medical field for diagnostic and remedial intentions. By now it is used for cancer and skin diseases.
  • This is stone of love and is one of the selected gifts for your beloved wife on her birthday and on every marriage anniversary. The best gift for your wife is one Carat diamond having size of 6.5 mm with a Cut that never leaks light.
  • To get high level luster, diamond powder is one of the chosen option to polish the precious objects.
  • If you have not enough money but you love to wear diamond, go for lab created diamonds.
  • For improvement of good social life diamond is one the best gemstones.