Roof Leak Repair in Long Island, NY by Sunrise Roofing and Chimney Inc. Roof repair is our specialty. If your roof hardies broke cosmetically or are leaking, our qualified roofing technicians at Sunrise Roofing and Chimney, Inc. are going to be able to facilitate you. We have a tendency to service all of Nassau and Suffolk County, Long Island. With roof repair. Long Island residents are counting on Sunrise Roofing and Chimney for over fifteen years.

We will diagnose your roof downside, therefore; you perceive your choices clearly. If there is minor, damage to your roof it ought to still be handled quickly to stop many serious or dear repairs.

Once it involves roof repair and installation

Opt for a roofing company on the island that has accredited and licensed to figure on your home. Our roofing consultants are acquainted with Long Island and operate for the duration of the national capital and Suffolk County.

Am I able to tell if my roof is in would like repair?

Repairing a roof on Long Island is often stressful, particularly around cyclone season. The most effective visual cues for when a roof is in need of repair or replacement is once you notice:

  • Shingles missing
  • Peeling sheng; shingles simply detached by the wind
  • effervescent
  • mildew and/or stains Underlying laminate sinking
  • Roof Leaks

Roof leak analysis:

Each roof is different. In most cases, we are able to repair that exact section of the broken roof, however, all cases are handled on a case-by-case basis. Our roofing repair specialists will come back and measure your roof to create sure you get specifically what’s would like to repair the problem. Generally, minimum roofing installation is required. It all depends on the severity of the injuries. Alternative cases can embrace damage from snow or ice dams. Build from snow can result in roof leaks. You will stop Roof Leak Repair in Long Island, NY from occurring by wanting into our roof snow removal services. Roof snow removal can facilitate prevent you from having to exchange a whole roof.

Prices to repair a roof:

Roof Leak Repair in Long Island, NY vary in price and does not have a basic rating because of multiple variables: ยท Size of the roof ยท kind of shingle ยท quantity of layers ยท Pitch of the roof Roofing repair and installation of a brand new system additionally depends on location. Homes on the island are all designed otherwise so roof systems can vary looking on the size, length, and quality of the roof. Varieties of Roofs we have a tendency to Repair on Long Island by Sunrise Roofing and Chimney Inc.

Varieties of roofs we have a tendency to repair:

Sunrise Roofing and Chimney repair a spread of various roofs. a number of these roofs include:

  • Flat Roofs
  • Gable Roofs
  • Hip Roofs
  • And a lot of

However long will it go to repair a roof?

The period to finish Roof Leak Repair in Long Island, NY is often as little as 2 hours for a little repair or two days for a full roof replacement. The time to complete is additionally dependent upon the scale of the roof we have a tendency to are repairing or replace. Take a glance at our roof repair project being complete from commencing to end: For a lot of info or to schedule an arrangement with a roofing specialist, contact Sunrise Roofing and Chimney decision (631) 657-5059. Take a look at a number of our roof repairs comes.


We are therefore certain you will be happy with our service. We provide a satisfaction guarantee that has up to ten years on labor and up to thirty years on material looking on the manufacturer. Our technicians are forthright and honest. Once inspecting your roof, we will be able to justify your choices to you. We offer one hundred pc free and honest estimates for reliable work. Contact us these days at (631) 657-5059 for your chimney repair wants and revel in our trouble-free, price-effective, and reliable chimney repair services in Long Island.

Roof Leak Repair island:

Roof Leak Repair island may be a full-service GAF-certified roofing contractor with quite a decade of expertise all told roofing services across the capital of the Bahamas and Suffolk County. Our extremely trained professionals are consultants in residential and flat roof repair and maintenance. We provide 24-hour emergency roof leak repair service for surprising roof harm to homes throughout Long Island, New York. Our team of flat roofing specialists is obtainable round the clock for maintenance and snow removal following winter storms.

From Western Nassau to the East finish of Suffolk County

You will calculate Roof Leak Repair Island for fast reliable service once you need it most. Simply because your roof is leaky does not essentially mean you would like to switch the whole roof. The likelihood is that you will just need a roof leak repair, unless you have multiple leaks in several areas of your roof in an exceedingly short quantity of time, then it would be best to merely replace the entire roof.

A similar factor applies to shingles, counting on however badly broken the shingles are you may just have to be compelled to have somebody repair them while not having to replace them entirely. While there can be many alternative causes for a leaky roof, the foremost common reasons are typically a broken shingle or cracked/missing flashing. Homes with chimneys tend to steer to a leaky roof additional usually than homes while not a chimney. Typically, once it rains hard, there also are sturdy winds inflicting the rain to blow sideways. With horizontal rain, it is easier for the water to slide into cracks and crevices in your roof and shingles that will not be exposed to a lighter rain.


However, do not wait until a significant storm to deal with the issues in your roof. Preventative maintenance is that the most significant side of caring for an aging roof. Routine inspections from a GAF-certified roofing knowledgeable are key. Decision North American nation if you notice loose shingles; missing or cracked tiles; or harm to vents skylights or flashing around chimneys. Roof penetrations, leaks close to joints or eaves, and clogged downspouts or gutters may also cause major problems. Whether or not once an emergency service or semi-annual inspection, our consultants can advise you and your family on necessary updates. Our aim is to forestall problems, resembling internal damage to a home before they start.