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Radon testing Atlanta If you are a homeowner in Atlanta, you should consider one very important factor while residing in a property which is to get your house inspected regularly. In Atlanta real estate inspection is important because of the found cases in the neighborhood which depicted high levels of radon inside the property so it is important for the health of you and your family. The quality of the air inside one’s house is important as the family spends most of their time there and if a problem like radon exists inside the house, it is cautious because as found in the recent studies, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, smoking being the second. In non-smokers, it is the leading cause and every year an average of 21000 Americans die due to continuous exposure to radon gas. Radon testing Atlanta allows the residents to be safe and even more beneficial for people who are looking to buy a new house. If you are a buyer and looking for a place to live, it is important to get it tested before shifting there because you do not want to move in a place which will affect the health of your family badly. The first step is to get a real estate agent who will help you look for a house, once you find a suitable place according to your listed needs such as perfect area, location and condition of the house, the next step should be to get it tested for the presence of radon gas inside the house. We can test the presence of radon gas ourselves by performing different types of tests which include short term and long term tests. Short term tests last for almost a week while long term tests long for almost 90 days. The short term tests should not be conducted when there are extreme weather conditions like wind or rain etc. The equipment should be placed in the lowest space in our house which is visited at least 10 hours a day for example if the basement of a house is used frequently then it is optimal to place the equipment there. Extra spaces from where air from outside can enter inside the house should be closed e.g. extra windows and ventilators. Doors can be used just as the normal routine. The tests are taken and then sent to the lab for further testing in order to analyze if the levels of radon present inside the property are safe or not. There are multiple tests that can be done at home but you will still need to send the results to the lab to get an accurate reading of the amount of radon present inside the air. We have to spend up to 30 dollars on the test kid and pay more than that to get the test results so it is recommended to get this test done by a professional because after that you will be sure about the results and will be certain if you should proceed with the long term test or not. If the short term test results come and the radon level inside your house is more than 4 pCi per liter then you should go for a long term radon test. Long term radon test takes around 90 days which should be recorded in both heating and non-heating seasons in order to get proper readings. In this type of test, restricting the amount of air that enters the house is not necessary because there are a lot of days from which the data is being taken and all kinds of circumstances should be recorded. If the reading of the radon test is also more than the safe level then action needs to be taken immediately. A radon mitigation system should be installed in the house so that this problem should be taken care of as soon as possible because you do not want your laziness to affect the health of the family. If the radon test shows readings which are safe then it is not important to get a mitigation system installed but you should get your home tested for radon regularly so that you are sure about the atmosphere of your house. You can get help from a trustworthy home inspection company which has good reviews and positive ratings on their portfolio. Always ask around before hiring a home inspection company because you can rely on the word of your closed ones. Best of luck keeping your family and house safe.


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