Pre-production planning elements you need to consider

Pre-production planning elements you need to consider

You would always want your videos and commercials to be amazing and perfect in all aspects. However, before you step into the production process, ther

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You would always want your videos and commercials to be amazing and perfect in all aspects. However, before you step into the production process, there are certain things you need to pay heed to; the pre-production planning elements. No other saying than Benjamin franklin’s can fit this scenario: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!” Various entities dread pre-production planning, but it has a significant impact on the results. This article will explain the points included in pre-pro planning. Keep reading to know more!

Pre-production planning elements:

Before the production process begins, the involved persons should watch out for pre-production aspects. From writing scripts to casting and choosing a suitable location, everything must be on the list. You can’t afford to miss out on a single element since everyone matters. Following are some of these elements explained. Let us go through them quickly!

1. Story/Idea of the film:

It is necessary to work out your story or idea of the production in advance. Everyone wants to save cost and time, and it is less expensive to discuss the story or theme with your client. Relate the ideas and story with everyone on the set. Doing so will create a synergy, and all the members will equally contribute to achieving the desired results.

Developing a strong idea and communicating it will reflect the end piece. What you want to make and how to make it will be sorted out before the camera starts rolling.

2. Producing outlines:

Constructing a powerful video ad or film must always be based on a detailed outline of what will come next. Before you turn on the camera, you should have a list of activities/tasks assigned to each member. Be it short filmmaking or a commercial production; preparing outlines will always help you.

Outlines can well define the beginning, middle, and end of the story. With plot points, the outlined data can be turned into spectacular video production. Are you in search of an expert production company? Hire the best production company in Dubai.

3. Developing treatments:

A treatment in video business is the model or idea of how the finished video will look like. The role of developing treatments is extravagant before starting the production process. Everyone must agree to the treatment so that no issues are confronted in the end.

Translating the thoughts and ideas into treatments and developing them into scripts is important. The length of the treatments should be a few paragraphs to a few pages. It should be crystal clear to everyone so that no confusion remains before the production process starts.

4. Write scripts:

Even a 30 seconds video is impossible to make without a script. Be it a training video, a commercial, or a short film; you will always need a well-written script. So let us make it very clear: Do not shoot a one-second video without having a well-written script in your hand. With this in mind, you must focus on writing a good script.

Do not take scripts for mere dialogues in the scene. The script contains information like where the action will take place and what it must look like. It should be finalized in the pre-production planning phase as it is difficult to change it later.

5. Screenwriting:

Another crucial pre-production planning element is screenwriting. It comes in close association with scriptwriting. The importance of finished screenwriting can’t be overstated. Do you need a road map to your story and the entire production? Well, screenwriting is no less than a road map for you.

Screenwriting is a complex process and is hard to complete without expert help. Who but Production company in Dubai can help your cause? Consider connecting with them!

6. Determine your budget:

Figuring out the project budget is crucial, no matter how small the project is. Once you have finalized the story and scripts, now is the time to think about your budget and expenses. Track all the resources you will need during the production process. The biggest positive outcome of this planning is to know whether you have enough funds to finish the project.

From pre-production to post-production expenses, everything must be on the list. Moreover, you should also allot some money to unforeseen events like natural disasters or any mishap. You can better call it a contingency fund.

7. Choose a location;

Finally, when all the points are finalized, the last element to consider is to choose the best place for your shoot. Location scouting is important to analyze and assess the site. It can help you find the best place to shoot a certain scene.

It is good practice to finalize the place(s) in advance. If there is travel involved, you should reach the destination way before the shoot time.

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Make your production experiences memorable with expert partners!

Film production is always a hectic process and is not easy to complete on time. With countless critical factors involved, the process is often overwhelming. Therefore, you need to take expert production companies on board for effective production processes!