Era Of Online Skills Game: PUBG, Online Poker & More

It is really hard to think of a time when video games didn’t exist, isn’t it?  You walk down the road and it is hard to find someone who hasn’t tried online games like PUBG or similar skill based games or at least heard of them.

Like in the movie ‘Pixels’, the previous generation gamers had to travel and spend money in order to reach the gaming arenas to compete and release their stress by destroying and smashing objects virtually.

These days, video games are played on computers and laptops, handheld devices, game consoles – and with increasing frequency – on phones and tablets. Some video games are purchased and installed on devices, others are downloaded from the internet, and some are played exclusively online.

Special Things About PUBG

PUBG online games and similar skill games have become very popular with time. These skill games are enjoyed thoroughly across the globe and it is hard to find people who haven’t tried them at all. Online games like PUBG are accessible anytime and anywhere. 

Earlier people who enjoyed video games and other skill games had to travel far to engage in preplanned free games. With online casinos, people started looking at other options while online games like PUBG proved to be the game changer for those looking for an adrenaline hit. Anyone with a mobile, tablet or PC and an internet connection could play the game now.

Earlier, there wasn’t much choice available to players, however, gaming sites allow players to play free online skill games. Console games are very expensive as compared to online games, and the validity of console games is limited until the next version comes out. All these reasons created a platform for various skill games and other online games like PUBG.

Why PUBG Is So Pupular In India

Games are generally played to have fun, for entertainment and most often to kill boredom. However, there are benefits to it. They are good for exercising the brains as it requires planning and finding out different solutions to a single problem, thus employing creativity.

Many multiplayer skill games have an option to connect with people. They provide a common platform to meet likeminded people. Many times, we feel that we were left out and nobody likes the same things that we do, but online gaming creates a platform to find, meet and enjoy like-minded company.

PUBG online games are a clear example to prove that we find folks sharing similar interests and skills. Research shows that players who regularly play games have lower levels of stress. PUBG online games and many other skill games improve the player’s memory, concentration, and analytic skills. Playing online skill games actually helps us relieve stress and learn things.

Raise And Fall Of PUBG In India

Tencent’s Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile, referred to commonly by its acronym, PUBG online game, was launched in India in March 2018. We all know how huge the impact of this game had on people from various age groups. It is the best Battle Royale game chosen by over 1 billion players worldwide and turned out to be one of the saviours for the online skill gaming community especially during the lockdown.

PUBG online games allow players to team up with up to three other players. This makes it easier for people to play with their friends and family members. Moreover, the voice chat option and benefits from being in a crew and clan makes PUBG online games super fun and relaxing to play.

The controls are simple and thus, it isn’t just the teenagers who are hooked but people of all age groups, young and old alike. Before online games like PUBG, there wasn’t really a comprehensive gaming scene in India. However, ever since it arrived in India,

there has been a massive and an unbelievable  rise in the number of gaming channels on YouTube. The PUBG Mobile application is updated regularly, bringing in a host of new features. This way, it always leaves the players to look forward to something more and more awesome.

The two-month seasons encourage players to give their best during matches to improve their ranks and earn rewards at the same time. It isn’t a light game, yet it manages to run on low-range devices if you lower the settings.

Expanding the Skill Gaming Community Wit Poker

Gaming has always been an integral part of our lives and will always be. Online skill games like PUBG have made things a lot easier for us. Thanks to technology and creative minds, we smash, shoot, escape and solve crimes in order to take a break from the chaos around us.

However, it wasn’t just PUBG online games that got us through the lockdown. Online poker was another big rescue in these times of distress. Poker has been played since the 1800s. Yes, this old game is still very exciting and fun with too many variants to choose from. Like PUBG , poker is enjoyed by different age groups. 

During the lockdown, most of us went murky, many lost their jobs and other active sources of entertainment. Online poker game saved many from this situation. This skill game allows for multi-tabling, and an adept multi-tabling player can play hundreds of hands per hour and thousands per day. 

Even if the poker club is just a block away from where you live, chances are you can only play some games on it.  Online Poker is the best choice to win much money without any hassle and explore different variants of the game on a single platform. Many people earn money by doing heavy works, but playing online poker is just a hassle free way to earn money using your skills.

Earn Money Online By Playing Poker

Limited game selection meant limited money-making opportunities. Thanks to development in technology, we are blessed with card games such as online poker and rummy. Poker and rummy were played when the sources of entertainment were less, but today with online gaming platforms streaming them live round the clock,

we are again falling in love all over again with the good old card games. Online poker platforms offer the option for game selections across stakes that allow you to check which ones could offer the edge to win. Plus, they are extremely easy to access. You can play even in the comfort of your own home.

As long as you have a computer or a smartphone and an internet connection, you are good to go. Besides, rakes in online poker platforms are usually lower compared to rakes in live games.

Well, there is no better way to kill time, enjoy, exhibit our skills and money earning app at the same time like when we play online poker. So, why waste an entire Sunday evening going out wasting money to play in the mall when you can enjoy a lot more by just a click of the thumb?

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