Many people will not collect their Life Insurance

IT IS A FACT THAT MANY PEOPLE  will not collect their Life Insurance despite being up to date on their payments, neither will their children nor their beneficiaries; the main reason: “They were not advised by an Insurance Broker Specialist in Life Insurance”.

We suggest that you conclude reading the following lines, since they contain information that indisputably everyone should have within reach. “The first and probably the most important thing when taking out life insurance is to choose an entity dedicated to insurance consultancy and intermediation and that also has an in-depth knowledge of life insurance; In this way, you will receive transparent, specialized and independent help. This does not cause any extra expenses, nor will it make your policy more expensive. ”

Now you are about to learn the key aspects to obtain the maximum profitability from insurance companies and at the same time give adequate protection to your loved ones. Indeed, they are key aspects, thanks to which many people have obtained not only the perfect coverage but also thousands of additional dollars.

PRADO Corredores de Seguros SA  advises on a corporate basis and also individually on all lines of insurance. But in addition we have also specialized in the Individual Life Insurance branch. Currently in Peru, there are very few insurance brokers specializing in life insurance.

Knowing the great importance of having life insurance, let us comment on this vital insurance in financial planning in the next few lines.

Our great experience and deep knowledge in Life Insurance has benefited many people, who can currently feel confident and calm regarding the future of their loved ones.

Dear reader:
There are truly many important points that we should know before taking out life insurance and that many people do not know.

We want you to feel calm and confident since now you can have advice that will really benefit your future and that of your loved ones in a very significant way. In this advice our constant study and updating is reflected, as well as the experience of years of the many cases that we see of clients who consult us.

It is for this reason that many people tell us:

– “I believed that this company being from abroad was better.”
– But they never told me that.
– I have been able to do great harm to my children instead of protecting them!
– I didn’t know I could lose my policy.
– But that clause was never mentioned to me

Dear reader , it is our intention that you reflect and ask yourself honestly: have I really taken or am I taking the policy that best suits me?

Choosing a Life Insurance is complicated; first, because there is a great variety of plans, each one with particular characteristics and design that respond to specific objectives; and second, because the agents of the insurance companies that offer Life Insurance do not enjoy true independence during their sales work since they respond to the interests of the insurance company they represent.

If you currently have Life Insurance, once again, feel calm because our advice will help you get the most out of the insurance company in terms of protection and profitability.

If you already have Life Insurance, you should know that there are a wide variety of policies, which have a  number of clauses that the vast majority of people are unaware of . In addition, it is very important to know all the alternatives that a policy has.

Not all insurance company policies are tailored to your particular need. Therefore, it is vitally important that you know all the alternatives in the insurance market to take the most convenient or the most convenient and give the perfect coverage to your loved ones. Definitely our advice will positively and radically change the future of your family’s economy. In addition, at PRADO Corredores de Seguros we work in a strictly legal manner, since all our different actions are within the framework of the requirements and guidelines of the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP of Peru.

On the other hand, we have a Professional Civil Liability Policy to protect our clients.

Dear reader, although it is true that our intention is for you to ask yourself: have I taken or will I be taking the life insurance that best suits me? on the other hand, it is not our intention to waste your time. We believe that both your time and ours are valuable and we cannot afford to waste it. However, your family, your children and your loved ones are invaluable, and it would not be fair to them if you did not truly evaluate your current life insurance or any proposal offered.

Neither you nor we know if tomorrow we are going to see our family or our children.

Every day that passes is a risk for your loved ones if you are not giving them adequate coverage with your life insurance. Insurance is a legal instrument that has many clauses and technical terms that are difficult to understand. On the other hand, a new life insurance can be denied in the future by all insurers if your health status changes.

It would be very sad and very serious to find out belatedly that the policy (s) one has are inappropriate. And if one acquires an illness or accident, perhaps nothing can be done.
Many people believe that because they have purchased their insurance from a reputable company that enjoys a lot of publicity, they should already feel calm. Well, let us tell you that they are in deep error since many times their conditions do not offer them the best guarantees. This does not mean that they should not take out insurance from a prestigious company. On the contrary, we recommend hiring insurance from the “best companies” in the insurance market, but at the same time offering the best coverage to our clients.

By hiring us, you can have the support of a Broker and a variety of alternatives for the best products from the most prestigious companies on the market, without costing you more for this reason. We remind you that the cost is the same if you contract your insurance through us or through a seller of an insurance company.

But can you imagine, the fact that PRADO Corredores de Seguros gives you the opportunity to have a much broader vision, multiple alternatives from different companies and have at your side an experienced advisor with a deep knowledge on the subject of insurance of lifetime. And not only this, but we also have the cutting-edge tools and technology to provide our customers with lifelong maintenance.PRADO Corredores de Seguros trusts that these lines have created awareness of the great importance of having a life insurance that gives you the highest profitability, that truly provides perfect coverage for your loved ones and, something very important, that has the support of an Insurance Broker specialized in this field.

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