Luxury Curtains Helps Create a Room Feel

There is no doubt that the vast majority of persons would readily believe the expression “luxury curtains” to mean drapes or luxurious draperies. The fact is that most persons have an incorrect conception of the two concepts. Most persons do not understand that while the word “drapes” does include curtain fabrics, it also includes various types of valances and sheers. In essence, the expression “luxury curtains” can be used to describe any type of curtain, even though it is most commonly referred to as drapes.


On the other hand, when persons speak of luxury curtains, they typically envision elegant and lavish window treatments, such as sheer panels, swags, tiebacks, paneling, fancy valances, etc. These window treatments are generally made from luxurious fabrics, such as velvet, silk, velvet, chiffon, Georgette, and so forth. While most fabric choices for luxury curtains are usually considered to be more expensive than other fabrics, there are now many fabrics that are becoming less costly all the time, due to advances in the textile manufacturing process and increased production levels.


For example, silk and satin are two very expensive fabric choices for luxury curtains. However, these two fabrics are becoming much less costly all the time thanks to increased production levels and innovative design processes. In fact, many new modern fabrics are surprisingly affordable. For example, if a manufacturer is able to obtain high-quality silk with lower operating costs, they can produce an extremely high-quality product at a significantly lower price.


Many persons believe that elegant and lavish decorative draperies add to the overall room feel of a room. With this in mind, many persons attempt to decorate rooms with ornate fabrics, such as velvet, lace, and satin. Although luxury curtains can provide a great room feel, there are several factors that should always be taken into consideration before purchasing luxury curtains, such as the room’s decor, the fabric’s cost, and the amount of light entering the room through the window.


With regard to decor, persons often like using luxurious fabrics in rooms decorated in a traditional style. Although for many people, traditional decor often evokes feelings of family heritage or historical luxury, there are also persons who are seeking modern classic styles, which provide a rich elegant atmosphere in a contemporary style room. For example, if the room is being decorated in a Tuscan style, then persons may prefer the use of Roman blinds, tiebacks, and tassels. Conversely, if the room is being decorated in a sophisticated French style, then persons will likely want to select a number of different fabrics, including chenille, velvet, and satin.


The cost of luxury curtains can make purchasing them impractical for many households. However, if the window treatments need to be replaced frequently, as is often the case with children, and if the curtains do not need to withstand a great deal of wear and tear, it may be more financially feasible to purchase an inexpensive, higher quality fabric than an expensive, durable, and high-quality fabric. In this instance, persons would likely choose pleated and tieback fabrics, along with chenille, velvet, and satin. Tying the window coverings back will add a sense of security, as well as provide for a better appearance of the curtains.


In terms of function, one of the most common uses for luxury curtains is decorative screens. As such, persons may find that tiebacks and tassels are the best options for screening their patio furniture and garden accessories. Tying back heavy fabrics allows for the curtains to be hung without relying on a conventional hanger system. Another benefit to using heavy fabrics is that they will prevent drafts from entering the room; thus, they will reduce energy costs.


Finally, another common use of luxury curtains is to create an elegant-looking but comfortable retreat area. In this instance, tiebacks and chenille are commonly chosen fabrics. Tiebacks and chenille curtains often come in various styles, sizes, and colors to match any decorating scheme. By choosing fabrics that coordinate with existing furnishings and accessories, a person will create a room feel that exudes comfort and style.


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Sheer Curtains – Both privacy and Style

Sheer curtains feature a reflective quality about them that makes it easy for you to see through them, while still allowing plenty of light to stream in. Sheer fabric tends to be made of lightweight, transparent material which acts somewhat like a beautiful light diffuser. That way, sheers still let sunlight into the room, but their transparent fabric acts like a light diffuser, that makes the warm, morning sun seem to dissipate rather than penetrating. This can make rooms seem significantly lighter and more spacious.


Sheer drapes and sheer curtains work best in smaller areas, such as apartments, that don’t have a lot of windows. They’ll look very sparse and will work best in back rooms or dens where there’s not a lot of natural light coming through. They’re also popular in offices where privacy is a concern, although they’ll probably work less well in busy areas.


There are many types of sheer curtains. For example, you can get sheer drapes, roller blinds, or bypasses. Drapes are usually made of heavy fabric that blocks out most sunlight. Roller blinds are designed to roll up and roll out, while bypassing keep out most sunlight, while keeping some in. They can be opened fully or partially, depending on how much light you want and how much privacy you need.


Sheer curtains can also be used for additional privacy in rooms where a window coverings solution isn’t practical, such as office or home bathrooms. Sheer materials will help prevent people from peeking through the lower half of the window, which can provide extra privacy if done properly. However, sheer window coverings won’t give you nearly as much privacy as thicker, opaque window coverings, and they won’t block as much direct sunlight either. These are excellent choices for a bathroom where it’s not practical to have additional privacy, such as one that opens to the kitchen or living room.


Sheer drapes are also popular in other locations besides windows. They look great in entryways, covered walkways, and even in back porches. Some people even use sheer curtains for the floor between their patio furniture and the wall they’re installing the blinds in. You can get really creative with roller blinds, too, although these are usually not recommended as a privacy solution. Instead, opt for darker roller blinds or vinyl blinds to keep out the sunlight and to keep your patio furniture from fading in the sun.


The bottom line is that you don’t have to sacrifice privacy for looks. Sheer fabrics are great for decorative purposes, but you can get a stylish look with the same fabrics for your windows as well! With all the options available today, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t install sheer curtains in every room of your home, whether you need privacy or a beautifully layered window treatment.


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