is kurapika a Girl of Steel – Book Review

Kurapika is an orphan who, along with his sister, fights against the monsters called “Titans” and “Zaazoom!” In an interesting twist of fate, though, Kurapika becomes acquainted with the anime’s main female character, Shihoin. This female protagonist is portrayed as a young Japanese anime fan who is shown to be strong-willed in many ways, even for the sake of her sister’s well being.

Is Kurapika a Girl

In a nutshell, Kurapika is a boy, whose look is somewhat feminine. But believe it or not, consider Togashi to make him look a bit more feminine since, in Japanese culture, women love the cute type and boyish type instead of the strong, masculine one. To an extent, Shihoin’s personality has feminine overtones, which is why most viewers assumed that he was a boy when they started watching the show. And Shihoin is indeed depicted as a boy in most episodes, but he is always seen as a strong and brave warrior in most of the anime’s character’s pages.

is kurapika a girl

When we watch the series, we are given many reasons to relate to Shihoin and Kurapika. Shihoin is shown to be a very kind and caring young boy who cares deeply for the welfare of his village. He is also shown to be very perceptive and smart. This is the reason why a lot of people think that he is a young boy. And, Shihoin is also shown to be respectful of the weak and not to show any form of favoritism to the strong. He is also very loving and caring with his sister, Togashi.

When Togashi is captured by the Yomi, a tribe of cannibals, she is thrown into a human brothel and becomes Shihoin’s new bride. Although she was already a young boy, she still shows a good amount of cleverness and smartness to outwit the cannibals and win her life back. However, Shihoin does not hesitate to use his strength and skill to get the job done by beating the girl to death and taking her to the brink of death to consummate their relationship. He even uses his knowledge from his past to make Shihoin stronger and wiser.

Although Shihoin may seem to be a weak and pathetic boy, we cannot discount the fact that he has been through a lot of challenges and troubles just to become the strong and cunning young boy he is right now. When Togashi is captured by the Yomi, he goes back to live with his father but is suddenly visited by a mysterious girl who claims to be his true love. Although he is suspicious of her motives, he allows her to stay and live with him and the two develop a strong bond over the years. Although Togashi initially feels that the girl is only playing around, he soon realizes that the girl is his sister, Isuzu (Yuna) who has been living with the Yomi for many years.

When Togashi decides to marry Isuzu, he tells her about his past, which includes his mother’s death and how he was abandoned by his father as a child. In the end, the two become very close and Isuzu develops a deep and profound love for Togashi that causes her to fall in love with him even more. Isuzu’s husband then arrives and starts pushing her and forcing her to marry Togashi even if it means that she has to leave her family and her lover. When Togashi refuses, Isuzu runs away to marry Nobuyuki, the only man who understands her and is willing to stand up for her.

As the story unravels, we learn that there is another side to Togashi and Isuzu as well, a fact that forces us to question if this book is part of a clever ploy for Shusui masters to dominate the market. Isuzu is Togashi’s only friend and only true love; however, both characters are forced to make life and death decisions that will either help or hurt them in the end. Isuzu is the moral compass that helps Togashi make wise choices and Isuzu is also a strong fighter. Both characters are almost like opposite ends of the same coin with the same goal in mind. Therefore, is it just a coincidence that Nobuyuki is the only person who seems to understand Togashi?

is kurapika a girl

In conclusion, the premise of the book is interesting and creative. I believe the author is saying that people should be able to identify with what they are reading – whether it is fiction or non-fiction, a man or a woman, a boy or a girl. This is probably one of the strongest arguments that I have ever heard for a story and I am very tempted to read more by Takeshi Maeda. The summary of the plot and the fact that the author presents the reader with so many questions is enough to make me want to see more of this exciting series. I hope that it will become reality.

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