Is Eating or Chewing Ice Bad for Your Teeth?

Your gums, enamel and teeth can get damaged if you eat ice and several foods that are hard. In the month of summer when there is a lot of heat, a habit of eating ice gets developed in the people. However, leaving this bad habit is not so simple. But you have to leave this bad habit of eating ice. But how will you do this? Now I am going to tell you some alternatives for avoiding this bad habit so that you can prevent your teeth from getting damaged.

How will you describe that for your teeth chewing ice is not good?

It is not a good habit to eat ice. Veneers, crowns, fillings and other dental work can get damaged if you will chew ice. Cavities and tooth decay can occur because of this. Sometimes your teeth can become sensitive to cold and hot things as a result of chewing ice. The enamel can also get damaged by eating ice. Your teeth can get chipped or cracked if you chew ice.

There are several damages that can occur in your teeth after eating ice

  • Dental fillings can get damaged – If you will chew ice or any hard substance then dislodging or cracking of the filling can occur. You need to go to a dentist if you lose your fill.
  • Chipped or cracked teeth – Chipped or cracked teeth can occur after chewing ice. Actually, for eating ice or other hard objects you need not to use teeth. For repairing the tooth that is broken, visiting a dentist will be a good idea.
  • Oral appliances can get destroyed – Chewing ice has a lot of dangers. You need to tell these dangers to your kid if he uses oral appliances. The brackets can get damaged and wires can get dislodged in your braces. Oral appliances can get damaged if you chew ice. The alignment of bite and tooth will remain proper and you can develop healthy smiles if you will use retainers, braces and other oral appliances.
  • Tooth enamel can get damaged – Tooth decay and acid attacks can occur in your teeth if after chewing ice a damage occurs to your tooth enamel. If from acid attacks or from sugar you want to protect the teeth then you will get a lot of help from tooth enamel. A lot of damage can occur in your mouth after chewing ice. The human body’s hardest substance known as tooth enamel can also get damaged after chewing ice.Β Β 

To resolve this issue, we can use certain alternatives to eating ice

  1. Switch the crunch – Instead of ice go for the apple slices, cucumber slices, carrot sticks to satisfy your desire to eat something crunchy. By eating these foods, you can switch your desire of eating crunchy ice as well as its cooling sensation. A lot of saliva will get produced after chewing fibrous foods and it will wash out your mouth naturally. For scrubbing your teeth, the fiber particles will help you.
  2. Try to identify the cause – Sometimes because of deficiency of iron a crave for eating ice generates. You need to take the help of a dentist if you can’t resist eating ice. In this case you can get help from a supplement of iron.
  3. Go for slushier ice – Instead of eating regular ice go for eating nugget ice or soft ice or shaved ice. Eating ice of softer types in place of regular cubes will be a good idea.
  4. Skipping the temptation will be a good idea – For bacteria it can be heaven if you will not clean ice makers. Filth in a particular amount can be avoided if in the restaurants you skip the ice. For removing the temptation of chewing something, in the beverages also skip taking ice even if ice has been offered to you at the restaurant.
  5. Allow ice to melt in your mouth – There is no need to chew the entire glass of ice. If you want to eat ice and also want to refresh yourself up to that level then in your mouth allow slow melting of ice. You do not need to eat frosty cubes that are present in the glass.

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