How to look your best in a Zoom Meeting

How to look your best in a Zoom Meeting

Video calling apps were once used to talk to family staying far away or for a sudden business meeting. Until last year, when there was a massive outbr

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Video calling apps were once used to talk to family staying far away or for a sudden business meeting. Until last year, when there was a massive outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, video conferencing apps like Zoom have become an important part of our lives. Small occasions or a client meeting – everything is celebrated on zoom meeting. It has now become a way to keep ourselves connected to people. 

There are a lot of sites that will give you tips about how to keep your camera angle for a zoom meeting call or in which room you should sit while talking over a video call, or the best site to download Zoom call backgrounds, but dressing up is as important as all of the above-mentioned points while you are attending a zoom call. 

Well, you might think why is it important to dress up in a zoom meeting call? The answer to this is that the current situation has now forced us to work from home and we have to not only keep our teammates motivated but also ourselves. 

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Wearing a pajama or a nightdress while you are on a zoom meeting call will make you feel lazy and will not help you in any way to focus on your work. Along with yourself, you need to make other people feel motivated too. 

So, here are a few outfit ideas you can try while you are attending a zoom call. These outfits will make you look smart, workaholic as well as make you feel comfortable. 

A formal shirt 

A formal shirt is an outfit that will never go out of style. It does not matter if you are in the office or you are attending a business conference on a video call, a formal shirt will always enhance your look and make you look classy. But always remember, your shirt should not be of a very bright color because this will draw all the attention of the people sitting at the meeting towards your shirt. Make a subtle choice, like a grey or a white shirt. These colors will give you a very elegant as well as a good formal look and will also give you the confidence to ace your presentation! 

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Trousers and Chinos 

You might be wondering why one needs to wear pants or trousers for an online video conference? The only visible parts while a zoom meeting calls are the face and the upper body. Well, the answer for this is that choosing not to wear your formal pants or anything under, can be a risky task. 

What if your boss tells you to present a file and that file is kept right behind you? 

You get up to grab that file that is kept behind you or maybe you just wish to take a water break and accidentally forget to switch off your camera, then everyone can see the pajamas or shorts you are wearing under – this would just leave a bad impression. 

Moreover, if you have dressed up well and just like the way you dress while going to work, it would give off a certain vibe of professionalism and will help you concentrate more on your work. It makes you want to complete the work on time and gives you the feeling that you are at the office. Therefore, wear a trouser under. wide-leg trousers with a formal shirt would be a perfect outfit for women as they would give a professional look as well as make you feel comfortable! 

For men, chinos work the best. They are more comfortable than those tight-fitted trousers. Pair it with a formal shirt and you have your formal office look ready for the day! 


Blazers would never go out of trend. Yes, even when you are on a zoom call. Ever thought of a semi-formal look? Semi-formals are always the best outfit for the young people working at the office. As the youth is filled with ideas, your outfit also speaks for you. 

A completely formal look always gives off too much of a professional vibe and this might just make you look boring in front of your coworkers. Always try out things that will make you look funky but professional too, even when you are on a zoom call with your colleagues. So, go ahead and wear a shirt or a cute top, and complete your look by wearing a blazer over it. Accessorize it accordingly and your look is complete! 

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Your outfits should be planned according to the kind of occasion. Similarly, while going to the office, you used to plan your outfit, in the same way, you have to plan your outfit for an online zoom meeting. It is because it will push you to work professionally on your office task and with your co-workers.  

Therefore, you should dress up well, look classy as well as professional in your meeting and ace the presentation you need to give!