How to Launch an On-demand Handyman App? [Development Steps & Features]

Nowadays, people are snagging around online services as they can save a lot of time. Be it finding restaurants or fund transfer, or even medical help, commoners give preference to even know on-demand services. On a scale of 1 to 5, people will rate 5 for on-demand services, as the convenience involved in those services is immense. 

Right here, we will discuss the development of a handyman app, services app. The handyman services come under the top 5 categories of on-demand services. If you are unaware of how to start off the handyman services business, this detailed write-up has got you covered.

On-demand handyman services – An excerpt

Looking after a range of household tasks is a scorching task. On the other hand, some maintenance tasks can be performed by experts. Here is where handyman services get highlighted. People who want to indulge in maintenance activities can book a professional handyman through the app. On the date of booking, the handyman will go to the customer’s place and do the needful.

On the whole, on-demand handyman services are bliss to those seeking immediate services

What does the functionality of handyman apps look like?

  • Registration 

It all starts off with a simple registration step. Users who want to find a handyman will register their details on the app. The handymen who wish to offer their services through the app will also register their details. The registration step can be done using two methods, which we’ll see under the features section.

  • Choose any service

The handyman services are branched out into a vast set of categories. Hence, customers will find out a service category they need. Notably, customers have no restrictions in choosing the number of services from the app.

  • Book services

Suppose customers have finalized a category of handyman services. Now, they will book or confirm the service. Next, the booking made by the customer will be saved as a request and sent to the nearest handyman. In the process of sending the booking request, the nearest handyman is given preference.

  • Track the booking

Simultaneously, customers will receive intimation from the app if the handyman accepts the request. Once the customers get to know the request has been accepted, they can start off tracking. The tracking feature also includes the location tracking facility for improved customer experience.

  • Make the payment

The handyman will reach out to the address given by the customer within the allotted time. Once the handyman finishes off the services, customers will pay the prescribed amount via the booking app.

How to arrive at a handyman services business?

The heading infers how you can undertake the handyman services business. 

Stage 1: Market study

Market study as a whole includes gaining knowledge about your potential customers and competitors. First, have a close look at the handyman services marketplace. Examine closely to identify the intensity of demand for handyman services. 

Next, drill down further to identify the potential customers’ demographics. By procuring the demographic details, you will have a broader understanding of the target customers. Alright! Coming to the next phase of the market analysis, which is competitor analysis.

Generally, finding a less competitive niche is hard. Competition exists in every industry and every niche. So, it is not about finding the less competitive niche but working on how to surpass the competition. At the end of the market study phase, you will carry inputs for your business plan. The inputs will be based on the pitfalls your potential customers have been facing to date. 

Stage 2: Platform selection

Now, let’s look at the important technical aspect of the handyman services business. The selection of the platform is directly related to the growth of your business. Before you near the phase of platform selection, plan your budget. For launching your app, you have different platform selection criteria like a native, hybrid, and web app. 

Suppose you are specific about launching your handyman app on a single platform. Then the native app development is the suitable one. Else, if you want to launch the handyman app on Android and iOS, then choose the hybrid platform.

Stage 3: Plan the model of operation

What about planning the business model? In simple terms, the business model means a blueprint for your business. It will determine whether you want to stand alone or partner with service providers. You can involve in further stages after deciding the apt business model.

Stage 4: Identify the monetization options

Having a clear understanding of the monetization options will be helpful. Your handyman services app has the ability to yield revenue from multiple sources. Further, the monetization options or channels depend on the type of business model you stick with. In most cases, business persons head to adopt the partnership, a.k.a, aggregator model. Here are the monetization options available in the handyman services business.

  • In-app advertising fees
  • Commission fees
  • Service charges
  • Subscription fees

Stage 5: App building

Once you arrive at the app-building stage, you will have all the needed inputs ready with you. At this stage, you are left with incorporating features into the app. 

If the clone app development method fascinates you, consider infusing your handyman services into the Gojek clone app. If you don’t know even an outline about clone app development, give me a minute to explain.

To explain in detail, clone apps are the white-label version of an available app. In most cases, clone apps are derived from popular apps. In simple terms, clone apps are indicated as ready-made apps.

The customer app – Key features

  • Schedule services
  • Push notifications
  • In-app payment options
  • Order tracker
  • Search bar
  • Reviews/rating 

The handyman app – Key features

  • Availability button
  • Instant chat
  • Accept/reject
  • Service alerts
  • Earnings corner

The admin panel – Key features

  • Dashboard
  • Booking management
  • Revenue management
  • Analytics 
  • Heat maps

Summing up

Providing a vast category of handyman services can be simplified if you launch a handyman app. Already many business persons have etched their success in the handyman services business. Now, it’s your chance! 

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