How To Install Curtain And Drapery Rods?

Today we are talking about curtains and drapery rods. First of all, we should know the difference between curtains and drapery and how to install curtains and drapery rods.

Curtains and drapery are both made of fabric and used to cover windows. Today we will share simple techniques or methods to install curtains and drapery rods. Curtains and drapery are available in multiple options for light blocking and privacy.

After buying drapes and curtains, many people think about how to install curtains and drape rods? Now we will discuss the differences and similarities between curtain rods and drapery rods.

Curtain Vs Drapery | Difference & Similarity Between Curtain Rods And Drapery Rods

Curtains and drapes are two different materials. Wall Curtains made of lighter fabric are generally considered casual window coverings. While drapes are made of thick fabric and used to block out more light, they are also formal in appearance and function.

Curtains and drapes can enhance home décor; they are also used for many other purposes, like controlling light and reducing noise. In some areas, they can create an illusion in terms of height, width, and breadth.

Drapery and curtain rods are both used to hold up the fabric. This is the minor difference between curtain rods and drapery rods. Drapery rods are made of metal and are available in many finishes, like silver, bronze, and nickel. These can hold heavier and longer draperies.

Curtain rods are available in a wider variety of materials. Metal and wood are the two most popular materials for curtain rods. The hooks for drapery rods are thicker to support, while the curtain rods support less than drapery rods. Before installing curtains and drapery rods, arrange the tools and instruments for installation.

Arrange Your Tools And Materials

  • Curtain and drapery Rods
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Brackets
  • Carpenter’s level

Curtain and Drapery Rods

Before installing the rod, purchase curtains or drapery rods to hang them perfectly. Many collections and styles are available in curtain and drapery rods. Drapes are made from heavy material, which requires a transverse rod. The transverse rod system allows you to open and close with the pull of a string.

Tape Measure

A tape measure is used in the rod installation process to measure the wall. Take your tape measure and take the full-length measurement of the pole.


With the help of a pencil, you can make a marking guide for the place where you want to drill holes for rods. Pencils can help you remember where you drew a mark for installing rods.


After marking the area for installing the rod, our next step is drilling. Drilling is the most important part of installing the curtains and drapery rods. A drill is used to enlarge circular holes.


You can also hang curtains and drapery rods with the help of a hammer.

Carpenter’s Level

A carpenter’s level is used to align the surface during the renovation of curtains and drapes. It is used to determine the horizontal and vertical alignment of a given surface.


Brackets are also known as supports. Brackets are the type of hardware used to hold rods. Proper bracket installation is very crucial for any drapery or curtain rod. Brackets must be installed securely, carefully, and correctly. Now we will discuss some steps to install curtains and drapery rods.

6 Steps To Follow To Install Curtain And Drapery Rods

If you think about the steps of installing the drapery and curtain rod and also think about how you can install them yourself, don’t worry about it.

There are a total of 6 steps to installing curtains and drapery rods. I hope after reading these steps you can understand the method of installing the rods.

Step 1: Measure The Height Of The Rod

Take a measuring tape and measure the length between one bracket and the other bracket. The length between these brackets should be the same as the length of the rods. After that, identify where the top of the curtain and drapery you want to end, because drapery rod placement will also depend on the type of drapery that you select.

Step 2: Mark Where The Brackets Will Go

Brackets are used for holding the rods. Before holding the rods, put brackets on walls or ceilings and mark the place where the bracket will go.

Step 3: Mark The Place Where You Put Drapery And Curtains Rods

When you take all the measurements with a tape measure, use a pencil to mark the place where you want to put brackets, drapery, and curtain rods.

Step 4: Use Drill For Holing

After taking all the measurements and marking the place, our next step is to drill the wall or window side where you want to hang curtains and drapes for installation. A drilling tool is used to create or enlarge circular holes in walls or any other solid material. You can also use a hammer for the installation of rods, but a hammer can damage the wall or window area, so a drill is better than a hammer.

Step 5: Use Carpenter’s Level

After fitting the rods into brackets, use the carpenter’s standards to check the level of the rod. You should make sure that the rod is aligned straight.

Step 6: Remove Rode And Put Curtains And Drapery

Finally, we have discussed all the steps, and our last step is to remove the rods from the brackets again and put a curtain on the rod.


We hope after reading this page you will get an idea of how to install curtains and drapery rods and how you can do it by yourself. You can now find the differences and similarities between drapery and curtain rods easily and can install it too.