How To Get The Most Out of Your Sammy EMR

There are a lot of times providers may be surprised by the features offered in their software. There may be a lot of providers using a particular EMR at the moment who don’t know about the advanced features offered. While this may be inevitable, it can also hinder the creation of healthy workflows and outcomes. So, how do you find out about your software?

When you are using software like Sammy EMR, you may find that there are a lot of features you haven’t explored. Here is your chance to see how the software performs in various roles. This will enable you to explore all the different ways to provide better care to patients. It also helps to recognize the blind spots you may have regarding patient care.

In this article, we will see what Sammy has to offer that may be neglected by practices. These tools are some of the biggest strengths of the software. So, let’s get started and see what hidden gems you can find when using Sammy.

About Sammy EMR 

Sammy EMR provides electronic medical record tools to podiatry practices. It has a specialized set of tools and features that allow for organized work in specialist settings. Using the software, you can manage all of your needs. This ranges from clinical documentation to everyday task management.

Sammy believes that true patient care can be achieved by automating processes at every step of a patient’s experience. This helps to improve patient engagement and satisfaction, which will lead to better outcomes for both patients and their providers.

What really makes Sammy EMR stand out is that the software is the perfect companion for a podiatrist. From its ability to store various kinds of data to managing patient histories, it is highly efficient. You can also track information such as who changes and updates patient data. This makes it a wonderful tool that podiatrists should consider.

For more information on Sammy EMR, such as its pricing options and other features, you can reach out to the vendor. They can give you important insight and may even give you some more direction on research to do.

What Makes Sammy EMR Stand Out? 

Are you interested in learning about the benefits of Sammy EMR? As mentioned above, one of the issues with EMR is that people may not understand how much it can offer. However, we’ve narrowed down five important tools you must try out if you switch over to Sammy. These are truly the top features of the software and have a huge impact on practices.

Quick Scheduling

Let’s start with a feature often praised in reviews – the appointment manager. This feature helps podiatry practices manage the patient visits scheduled in a day. They can use this software to make things organized. This will allow them to see more patients in a day and generate more revenue. It works best for everyone involved and cuts down on missed visits.

Interactive Dashboard

When you sign in to Sammy, the first thing you see is the dashboard. This will contain all the information that you need to see when you first sign in. You can see prioritized tasks that need your attention. You can also see tools that are frequently used. The best part is, you can actually customize the dashboard so only the things you need show up.

Simplified Prescription

Gone are the days when patients would stress about what a prescription stated. Not only is this inconvenient, but it also leaves patients at risk of taking the wrong medications or doses. However, you can use Sammy’s prescription tools to create prescriptions. These are sent straight to the pharmacy to be picked up by the patient directly.

Secure Spaces

The secure nature of Sammy EMR is a huge plus point for practices. This is because the software is mainly used to store highly confidential patient information. It is therefore crucial that such information be stored in a safe way. It also makes it easier to use communication tools, whether between staff members or with patients.

Improved Engagement

One of the ways that Sammy really stands out is the focus it places on patient engagement. It allows patients to use a portal. This can help them access their own information and even request appointments when needed.

Final Note – Is Sammy EMR The Right Software For Me?

Are you considering switching to using Sammy EMR? If that is true, you should know that we cannot make a recommendation for your practice. This is simply because we don’t know the details of your podiatry practice. However, you are the person with the most amount information on what the practice needs. As such, your insight into EMR may be crucial.

So, how do you go about making a decision about Sammy EMR? There are a couple of options out there for you. For one, you may think about reading through Sammy EMR reviews. These can be a gold mine to collect information about how the software performs. This is because it is created by real businesses who have experienced the EMR.

Another way to approach this situation is by going more in-depth and reaching out to the vendor. They can give you more information about the software. For example, they may recommend taking a Sammy EMR demo. This is a tour of the software which involves experiencing each feature. You can also take that opportunity to ask questions.

All in all, whatever you choose to do, you should also consider the budget you have on hand. That is why we recommend asking the vendor for the Sammy EMR pricing. This will help you see if the software works with what you can invest in. No matter what, we are sure you will make the right decision about what your practice needs!

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