How to Design Custom Boxes for Gift Packaging?

How to Design Custom Boxes for Gift Packaging?

Customers coming in the retail stores and impromptu picking custom boxes that look apart; does this scenario seem familiar? It is how everyday retaili

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Customers coming in the retail stores and impromptu picking custom boxes that look apart; does this scenario seem familiar? It is how everyday retailing goes for most of us!

Studies reveal that about 44% of shoppers say that gift-like boxes help reinstate the value they spend on getting those products. another 40% said that such packaging encourages them to repeat their shopping. When customers love what the brand offers and how it looks, they are highly likely to keep coming back.

Everybody likes to get gifts. Whether it is from someone or just to pamper oneself. Brands can offer their products in gift boxes because it enhances the probability of them becoming instantly visible and desirable. Like gifts, the enthusiasm of getting products in exclusive packaging generates heightened customer satisfaction and appreciation for the brand.

It adds to the value proposition of companies and makes the customers feel more valued. They feel that they got more than they came to shop and hence want to keep the boxes as a souvenir.

Is your brand new to the market? Or are you planning to change the packaging regime? Below are some guidelines that can elevate the brand’s appeal while using customized boxes.

One: Choose the right type of box

Gone are the days when the products came only in traditional-looking boxes. This is not the case today!

There is more than a zillion type of box shapes available. Expert stylists carve out the precise one that improves the brand’s prominence amongst the competition. The shape is the basis on which your brand can seem distinct and premium to others. The shape must be offbeat like the triangular formed boxes of Toblerone, or pyramid accessory packaging by YSL, the unique box formations instantly stand out.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be complicated. Simple yet custom-styled boxes have the power to divert the customers’ attention. Buyers first judge the brand by its boxes. giving them a good reason to trust your brand can work when the packaging supports this notion.

Two: Think about your budget

Unfortunately, we cannot spend as to our will always. There has to be some sort of financial management. It won’t work if you go all out to create customized gift boxes only to end up exhausting all your resources on it.

Customizing helps a great deal. It allows the brand to pick elements that go well with its bottom lines. Planning is the first step. Every facet of customizing can be cost-controlled. The stock paper, designs, prints, and custom add-ons must agree with the budget set for packaging.

Going over-board may seem tempting but the returns can take a while to get aligned. If the business is seeking short-term financial gains, then affordable custom features can help greatly. Feeling confused? Don’t panic, experienced  branded box manufacturers can sort out a viable financial plan for you.

Three: Plugin a quirky edge

Converting your boxes into gift packaging takes a little more creativity. All the colors must complement each other and make for a pleasing viewing.

Additional accessories like ribbons can also elevate the boxes’ look. For instance, certain dominant jewelry makers use pyramid like boxes that open up when the ribbons are pulled from one side. It makes for easy access. Professional box makers can style such boxes for your brand. you would be surprised by the sheer choice of box designs at hand!

If your products come in parts then custom inserts would fit them aptly. Seeing all the product components packaged together makes for a good display and an easily understandable assembling process. Electronics, cosmetics, household items, can be packaged accordingly. Personalized printing helps to use custom boxes for diverse products and consumer markets.

custom boxes

Four: keep it bio-degradable

Who would have thought that thinking green can have more benefits than just saving the environment?

Today, it is the standard by which customers judge brands. A responsible company image can be presented by using materials that can be reused and recycled. Packaging can do the bit without taking the brand over the fence in terms of budget. Some usual examples include corrugated and Kraft stock. No wonder they are seen around much more than before!

Such materials can uphold many custom accessories and printing inks. It makes for a good base to design the boxes as gift containers. Like, the Kraft paper gives an earthy texture while the corrugated ones are naturally cushioned to keep the contents safe. Many other options can also be availed to show that the brand holds value for the planet and the customers’ tastes.

Five: Show your branding

Just styling the packaging as gift boxes is not sufficient. These must inform customers of your brand identity. The brand logo and title must be placed at the front and the most prominent box spot.

Any other brand features can also accompany printing because it is by these components that customers would recognize the brand thereafter.

Where to start?

While you were thinking of doing it yourself, there is more than one way to impress customers. To begin with, the business must identify its core clients. Only then can it implement custom designs that capture their specific imagination.

Next, there are a zillion methods to adopt. Ranging from the printing techniques to the box thicknesses, everything needs great attention to detail. This is where expert box printers come in. They take care of the whole packaging process from start to finish.


While beautifying the gift boxes, brands can get a little carried away. But it is equally important to give the same attention to the boxes themselves. The designs would entice customers when they get the products in one piece.

The boxes must measure to perfection and complement the products. Exceptionally shaped boxes must also be productive in protecting the components. Only then the customers would appreciate the outer packaging appeal.


Custom boxes are great to be crafted as per the sellers’ specifications. The above guidelines would end up creating the best gift box design around.