How to Choose the Next level Domain Name 10 Pro tips & tools

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the first part of Internet Protocol. It conveys information about a website. It tells the web visitors about the name of the website. Likewise, whenever your visitors search for your website, they do it from the domain nameβ€”for instance, Here ghostwriting services USA is the official name of the business.

Secondly, a domain name is a very important term that you need to understand. It is the generic term used to refer to any publicly available URL or IP address. Therefore, any link with a domain name with http:// in front of it will be crawled by spiders and treated as if it came from an official source.


How do you get a domain name?Β 

Your web hosting provider helps you find an unregistered domain name and let you own the name of your choice. You can direct visitors to your websites under a certain domain. You should always make your own domain name available to them.

Your visitors will trust a website with a domain name they recognize. There are many reasons why you may want to purchase a new domain name. Maybe it’s time for a major upgrade. Or maybe you just like having options. In any case, having a domain name is necessary.


Pro tips & tools for choosing Domain Name:Β 

Define Your Purpose:Β 

Your domain is basically the name of your website that represents your business. Therefore, you need to come up with a name that completely represents your business to the highest degree. Remember, it is going to be the name through which people will recognize you and come to buy from you.

Yes, we know that domain should be memorable. It should talk about your business to the target audience. It should be catchy, but do keep in mind: it should not be offensive, abusive, dual meaning, or foul. Until and unless you are doing something funny, and it is for the fun sake.

When it comes down to serious business, it should be clear and communicative enough for the target audience.


Use a Domain generator.

If you are confused about which name to choose, then use a domain name generator. There are many generators available online. Just type in the β€œonline domain generator,” and Google will show you many results. Select the website that looks secure. Open it up and use it for the name suggestions.


Gather name ideas from existing names

The third way to pick a name is to take ideas from the existing website’s name. How do you do it? Well, make a list of the business names you have related to your product or service niches. Once you are done, try it with some combinations and alternative synonym words that are short, quick, and memorable. Through this exercise, you will come up with a great many names. After you have a list of at least 10-12 names, you could select one from it. If you are not sure if this name will work, ask for your business partner, friends, and family member’s advice. You can learn which name would be likely to be picked most, and it is easy to recall.


Make use of keywords and keyword suggestion tools.

At the moment, there are various keyword suggestion tools, both paid and free. Take advantage of these tools and search for your domain name that is searchable and memorable. Suppose you get successful in finding out a low density but high search volume keyword; you have hit the jackpot. This will help you in putting out your name in the market without you doing extra efforts for the marketing.

Secondly, If you are choosing between two domains, one that is available (.com) and one that is not (.net), choose the .com domain name because it is more preferred by most people.

Through these free keyword tools like or Keyword everywhere, you can find a unique name. Remember, your name should be easy to recall, best represent your business or the website, and show your business personality.


Test your domain name with people of various age groups

Once you have selected a name, it is necessary that you conduct various tests within the target audience.

Where do you find this audience? Well, look around; people are everywhere. If you are targeting smaller kids, ask the kids in your family and friend circle. Seek their advice if they like the name. The same goes for the elder population. Seek the name suggestions and preferences on your list. They will give you honest feedback. This will help you know which name is going to work well for your business and the website.

At times, they could also suggest new names, which might make you confuse more. So until and unless it is good enough to be on your list, don’t add it.

Whatever be the case, you need to check your name with people of various age groups so that you don’t waste your money.


Β Do your market research.Β 

No matter what you do, you have to do the market search at the end of the day. You cannot just pick and name and make it your website. Research shows that the first stage of domain name selection is often made through the domain name market research tools. Even free ones can give you some valuable insight into what other people are buying and selling.

One thing that you can do is go to Google or Bing and search for the term β€œdomain name suggestions.” You will find many different kinds of sites with prices ranging from free to as much as $100 per domain name. Decide what is the most affordable option for your project and buy the domain name only when you are sure it is the right domain name for your project.

Check the name of check to see if it is available.


Domain name generators & analyzers

There are many Web tools to check availability. For example, go to It will help you select a name of your choice and let you know its availability. These Domain name auction sites could be a powerful tool in selecting a name that is a unique, unforgettable, SEO-worthy name with high potential for business conversion.

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