How Parents Can Prevent Tooth Decay in Their Kids

St Albans Dental Clinic, we have treated numerous children with tooth decay, and we see that the pain they go through is intense. That is why we are writing this to encourage you to help your child prevent tooth decay.

Children have 20 primary teeth after they are born, and they use them to learn how to chew and speak. But with time, their jaws increase in capacity to accommodate the permanent adult teeth that will come later. During these years of dental formation, children are at a higher risk of tooth decay. Tooth decay can be extremely painful and may lead to tooth loss.

These are all serious problems that could impact the overall development of their teeth as an adult. Tooth decay in children is preventable, and there are some things you can do as a parent to help them prevent it.

We educate parents on how to prevent tooth decay

At St Albans Dental Clinic, we teach each parent what to do to keep the children’s teeth very healthy. Here, we do this by publishing articles like this to help parents prevent tooth decay in their children. This article is suitable for parents of children of every age, even if they are babies.

It is even better to be proactive about your children’s dental health at a very early stage. Our paediatric dentist has carefully written out this article to educate you as a parent that there is a nearby dental practice that is concerned about the general health of your children’s teeth. We can help you improve your child’s dental care.

5 ways of preventing tooth decay in children

  1. Help your children create a tooth brushing routine

    Children learn well with routines. When they are used to brushing every day, they will continue this way when they become adolescents and adults. At first, the child may be reluctant to brush the teeth daily, but this will no longer be a problem when it becomes a habit. As a parent, you just need to reinforce and demonstrate your own good dental care routine consistently.

  1. Help your children to brush their teeth if they are 8 years old or younger

    Take over the brushing work from your children if they are eight years old or less. Also, ensure that you supervise as they brush during their routine until they turn 11. We choose age eight because it seems appropriate in many cases, but ensure that your child can tie their shoes before trusting them to brush their teeth. Because it is believed that when children can tie their shoes, they have learnt the necessary skills of brushing their teeth.

    Picking up the daily routine of helping your children brush their teeth will ensure that there is no leftover food particle in their mouth which often causes cavities. According to experts, you should continue checking your children’s routine even after brushing on their own. This will ensure that the child is brushing their teeth well.

  1. Take your child to a paediatric dentist regularly

    Letting your child have a child dentist appointment is very important, just like it is for adults. It proves to them that good oral hygiene is a vital part of their overall health. During the appointment, the dentist will check for early signs of tooth decay and other dental problems. Also, paediatric dentistry gives you strategies on how to improve their daily oral care and advises you on issues like how to maintain their braces or anything concerning a recent dental trauma.

  1. Regulate the amount of sugar your child takes

    Children love to consume drinks and juices, and these things contain lots of sugar. This high sugar content has relatively increased the number of tooth decay cases in pre-adolescents.

    There are many resources available for limiting your child’s sugar consumption but talk to your child’s paediatrician to know the best to use concerning their nutrition.

  1. Maintain your good dental habits

    Kids learn from examples more than words. A child whose parents maintain good dental health will naturally step up to keep theirs. So, you can make the brushing period family time. If possible, let the whole family brush together in the morning and again at night before bed.

How to help your child live free from tooth decay

Toothache is painful, and you can spare your child this kind of pain by adhering to the five steps we have shared with you. One of the best things you can do for your children is ensuring that they have a smile that makes them confident, and this involves visiting the dentist regularly. Children don’t love to see the dentist, but you can encourage them to do this, especially if they have dental issues.

Tooth brushing can be undesirable for children, but you can follow this expert advice to make it fun.

Expert advice on how to make brushing time more fun

  1. Make brushing time during commercial breaks of their favourite TV showΒ 

    Most TV shows have 30 to 60 seconds commercial breaks, and this is the best time to get your children to brush their teeth because they have a goal of getting back to the TV before the show continues. So now, it is left for them. If they get out of the chair and on time to the bathroom to brush their teeth, they will be able to make it to their favourite TV show to avoid missing anything.

  1. Give them an egg timer to monitor if they can brush their teeth for the entire timeΒ 

    Teeth brushing is not fun for kids, and children may just want to brush for a short time. However, you can’t ensure that they brush long enough by giving the egg timer. Let them brush until all the sand goes out.Another way of making brushing fun is by buying a toothbrush that plays music or blinks LED light for 2 minutes for your child. They will brush until these 2 minutes are over.

  1. Entertain your children with their favourite song while they brushΒ 

    You can use a free app called Brush DJ to play music in your library for 2 minutes while the children brush. Also, it allows you set reminders for your child to floss, brush, and visit the dentist.

Does your child have any dental concerns? You can talk to us about anything, even tooth decay. Visit at St Albans Dental Clinic to schedule an oral exam for your child.

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