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Hot balloons that fly in Dubai is an experience that is unique to this location. The breathtaking sight that the sun sets over the golden-hued desserts are something to see from the ground. However, the view from an air balloon adds another dimension to the enjoyment. The view of the largest dunes of sand in the world from above is enough reason for anyone to begin planning an excursion to Dubai. Wedding proposals with hot air balloons as well as an air balloon flight in Dubai to celebrate your wedding are becoming a common option among couples. Dubai is the fourth-highest-visited cities in the world is among of the most populous cities. Dubai is a mecca of party-goers as well as adventurers hot ballooning is an absolute must for these types of people.

Best Hot Air Balloon Operators in Dubai

1. Balloon Adventures Emirates
This is the first to begin hot ballooning in Dubai. They offer a variety of packages to pick from. In addition, to make sure you are safe they have highly trained pilots. Their balloons go through a strict maintenance program that includes regular inspections. In addition to the thrilling experience of a hot-air balloon, you will also be able to take in a gourmet meal as well as a falcon show, and an adventure in the desert. Your adventure with them begins with a pre-dawn pickup of your lodging. After about 35 minutes’ drive, you’ll arrive at the airport takeoff point. You will then meet your pilot who will give you a basic safety instructions. After you’re on the ground, you will be able to take in the breathtaking view as you fly. It is the only chance to watch falcons fly with you.

2. Sindbad Gulf Balloons
It is a top firm with highly proficient pilots who can make your trip memorable. They guarantee a smooth flight with less turbulence than on the air. They only fly in the morning, to guarantee the best conditions, as well as because the desert is the most stunning during this time of the year. They offer a variety of options to pick from.

3. Hot Air Balloon Dubai
In order to provide an enjoyable ride for their customers, this company is sure to be an ideal choice for hot-air ballooning Dubai. They say they provide the highest high-quality hot air ballooning with safety and contentment of their guests is their main goal. They have balloons that are large enough to accommodate more than 21 passengers at once. Alongside the traditional choices of falcon shows and taking a safari in the desert they also give you the option to charter your own flight.

4. Amigos Balloons
The hot air balloon Dubai provider will ensure that you enjoy a memorable experience on your flight. The Amigos balloon pilots must undergo regular testing to guarantee the safety of passengers. There are three options available the first of which is that you will share the balloon with a group of passengers. If you choose the third option, you will be able to take a flight only with your beloved ones. You can also choose the timing of your flight, taking weather conditions into consideration. If you’d like to go higher, you can book their balloon ride that is exclusive to them which includes an authentic breakfast on the flight. The entire experience should last approximately three to four hours, while the flight duration is only one hour.

In addition to these companies that are focused on ballooning hot air balloons in Dubai One can also reserve a trip through their tourism package companies like Arabia Horizons Tours, Excite Tourism LLC along with Right View Tourism Dubai.

The Best time to go for Hot Air ballooning around Dubai

The ideal time to experience this experience is during sunrise Therefore, tour of hot balloons begin at 5:15 am in the early morning. If you are unable to make it to a morning tour or a tour, you can watch the sunset from the hot air balloon can be a wonderful experience too.

Things to Learn About Hot Air Balloons in Dubai

The idea was first introduced by Dubai in 2005, and since then, it has gained popularity. In fact, it could become the principal aspect of the Dubai 2020 World Expo.
Then in Dubai the hot balloons in Dubai climbs to 1,219 metres above ground.
— Dubai is among the very few places in which you can see falcons flying high of over 1000 metres.
Admire these exotic animals of the desert, such as gazelles, camels and even Oryx as they roam in natural surroundings.
The majority of service providers offer long rides of up to an hour, however, they are able to be tailored in accordance with your preferences.

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Tips to be aware of
Hot ballooning in Dubai is a popular event, so it would be best to reserve your trip in advance to make sure you’ll be able to book the exact tour you want.
You’ll need to provide a copy of your photo ID card, such as a Passport, Emirates ID, or any other ID issued by the Government prior to taking the ride.
It is not recommended for women over 3 months pregnant, and for those with knee or back issues to enjoy the hot air balloon.

Be sure to get a good night’s go to bed early the night before the trip, since you’ll need to wake up at 3 at 4 or 5 am each morning. A lack of sleep can hinder the once-in-a-lifetime experience.
The desert can get very cool at night and is very cold, so it is recommended to put on layers of clothing. The balloons are not permitted to have heels on balloons.

Children who are shorter than 120-150 cm won’t be able to view outside the basket.
Do not take an air balloon flight when it’s raining because it can be dangerous
Do not forget to bring your camera with you since you’ll want to capture these amazing moments on camera.

Now you can add another thing you can add to the bucket list. The hot air balloons of Dubai are rapidly becoming a major attraction. We hope you’re able to organize your trip with this info.