English Medium Madrasa in Dhaka

Islamic English medium school is an important part of the education system. Islamic education is very important for every Muslim, and it is even more significant for formal learning.

Parents often feel confused about where their children should study. There was a time when Islamic schools in this country were looked down upon. This is mainly because of the lack of modern teachings in those schools.

But times have changed now. You can find many English medium Madrasa in Dhaka. So, should you give your kid such schooling?

3 Reasons Why Parents Should Admit their Kids to English Medium Madrasa

Madrasas have a lot of popularity in Bangladesh. A high number of parents want their children to study in an Islamic institution. It is better when they can find English medium educations in those institutions.

But many thought processes work behind such a motivation for the parents. We have accumulated 3 significant reasons why you should admit your kid to an English medium Madrasa.

Cheaper Education Expenses

Madrasas have always been a cheaper option than many other educational institutions. This is one of the main reasons why parents incline towards them. It is also true that the English medium schools can be expensive.

However, not when it comes to the English medium Madrasas. They are much cheaper than many other English medium schools in Dhaka.

Religious Education with Modern Techniques

Madrasa is the best place for kids to know about Islam from a very early age. One disadvantage of these institutions was the lack of modern teachings. But that is no more the case. English medium Madrasas are now bringing in modern learning systems from the western world.

These schools ensure that the students can learn about Islam and be updated about the outside world. This makes the institution an excellent choice for many parents.

At Least One Child Should Receive Religious Education

A big family consists of more than 2-3 children. Parents often want one of their kids to receive religious education. This is a great motivating factor in sending kids to Madrasas.

Now you know there are English medium Madrasas in Dhaka as well. This should be an easy decision to send your kids to these educational institutions.

5 Educational Advantages of English Medium Madrasa in Dhaka

English medium Madrasas are educational institutions. So, parents need to be convinced that they are educationally beneficial. Here are 5 advantages you can find from the English medium Madrasa in Dhaka.

Learn Reading Islamic Books

The first thing you can expect from these schools is the ability to read Islamic books. Your kids need to know how to read Islamic books.

They will be able to learn the Islamic ways of living life on earth. And finally, they will know the teachings of Islam firsthand.

Follow Islamic Practice Every Day

The Islamic institutions also teach students to follow the Islamic way of life. This means that your kids can learn to recite Quran and pray to Salah every day.

Also, they can lead an honest and prestigious life. They can follow how the Almighty advised the Muslims to live.

Get Digital Literacy

As mentioned already, Madrasas used to have no importance on digital literacy. We live in a world where technology has significantly developed.

Our kids should know about the digital age and learn the Islamic way of life at the same time. Thus, English medium Madrasas come in as a great option.

Multilingual Approaches to Education

As Bengali people, we already know Bangla. Islamic education teaches students about the Arabic language. And your kid can learn English as well in an English medium Madrasa.

Imagine giving your children the option to get multilingual education. They can learn to read, write, and speak in more than one language. This can help them to broaden their mind and find success.

Know About the World and Afterlife

Finally, these institutions are a great way to learn about the world and the afterlife together. Students are taught about the Islamic practices of living. As a result, they learn to value integrity and honesty.

They know that they have to work in the world to get success. They will know how life on earth is temporary. And they will value the short life on earth by doing good deeds with their education.


English medium Madras in Dhaka can be the smartest option for your child. You need your kids to be close to their religion. At the same time, your kids need to learn about many different subjects.

This type of institution allows them to gather a wide variety of knowledge. They can read and speak in multiple languages. There should be no better option for education in Bangladesh.

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