If someone doesn’t accept your follow request on Instagram?

Instagram is a major hub of billions and millions of people that can connect with each other virtually to have major discussion on all subjects. Gone are the days when celebrities and their news could only be seen in magazines and newspapers, now you can view their stories on Instagram and Facebook. You can discuss anything about an ongoing trend with them by writing comments on your profile or attending their question/answers streams which are mainly conducted by them for their fans.Β 

Where all social networks are a way for people to connect with each other, at the same time they are a way for some hackers and people to invade your privacy as well. By sharing the details of your personal life you might be giving away more than enough information to someone to invade in your personal affairs. You might have seen and heard so many sob stories of celebrities against paparazzi who follow them day and night. Whatever happened to Britney Spears in 2007 is everywhere on the news and in the magazines. Thanks to Paparazzi for ruining her life and making it all public. When you become social you are more likely to have stalkers on your profile.Β 


What does it mean if someone does not accept your follow request on Instagram?

It is fairly easy to follow celebrities because they are ready to interact with all the people of the world. They put their posts, contents and videos for everyone to watch and view, it’s like that social network is another type of business for them. They promote personal or corporate stuff to get more leads. It is rare that you are prohibited from following a famous artist, celebrity or influencer, but when it comes to personal or individual Instagram accounts, you cannot follow everyone.

There’s one common question as to why someone does not want you to be on their friend list and why they don’t accept your follow request. Let’s get into a few reasons that are logical.


Privacy matters:

Let’s accept a fact that just because someone is using a social network, it does not mean they want to connect with everyone around the world. You may have a profile too that you are trying to keep private. Literally, your profile is public but your content is private. When I say private it means you don’t wish for any user to view or watch it unless he or she is your follower.There are people who never add more people on Instagram to keep their social circle as small as possible. And they only allow those people to follow them whom they personally know either from school, college or workplace.Β  It makes sense too. If you don’t wish anyone to intrude your privacy or make use of your personal data wrongfully, you can do it as well.Β 

Β It is rational to have only friends on your social accounts that you trust a lot. It is not unlikely for families to connect through the networks. And it’s that most people don’t want an outsider to be a part of their account solely because they want to keep their posts and content private for the eyes of those people who are either friends or family.Β 


Past dispute or disagreement:

If you happen to have ties with the person you are trying to follow but they are not accepting you then you should let them be.Β  It’s just that sometimes relationships do not go the way you expect. Perhaps you were their friend or an ex at one point but a minor dispute or breakup have changed the dynamic of relationship. If the person you want to follow does not accept your follow request, you cannot do anything about it. It is totally fine to feel disappointed or bad about it, you can try to reconcile the differences by sending them a personal message to see if it can change their mind. It is totally up to you as how you patch the things up. If nothing works for you then try not to force them into having a social relationship with you. Maybe they will change their mind one day and add you themselves.Β 


Not active on Network

Although people are mostly active on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat yet they may not be using it regularly. If the person you wish to follow is a family member, you can let them know about your request privately through SMS or message to another network. Don’t assume that they don’t want you or love you a little less unless there is beef between you and them already. It could be simply that they are not using the network anymore and this explains why they have not accepted your follow request yet.

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