Differences in various shared web hosting service providers

The popularity of the digital world encourages getting to know IT terms in as much detail as possible.    They are really necessary not onl

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The popularity of the digital world encourages getting to know IT terms in as much detail as possible. 


They are really necessary not only for professionals in this field but also for entrepreneurs, who often use the advantages of the Internet to develop their business.


In a previous article, we talked about where e-shop development should start and why it is important to choose shared web hosting properly. But 


What is considered a good shared web hosting service?


If you have a website, email store, or a simple landing page – web hosting performs the home function in which your site resides. 


And a domain is a home address where your website can be found. Sounds complicated? In fact, everything is quite simple.


Who needs shared web hosting services? 


Professionals in this field provide your website hosting service on a server, so without it – not from a place. The only difference is that such services are provided by more than one supplier, so you can choose the most suitable for you according to your needs. 


Usually, one company can offer different hosting plans, so when evaluating prices and service functionality – choose the most attractive option. In this article, we will discuss more shared web hosting plans.


The aim of shared web hosting and how it works


The created website consists of a wide variety of files, additional information that is designed to meet the needs of browsers. The more of those files, the more complex the maintenance of the page, and the more functional shared web hosting is required. 


Most importantly, hosting by logging in to the site allows you to conveniently and easily manage your personal account and adjust the specific features that are currently provided.

Can you manage web hosting by yourself?


Many entrepreneurs think they won’t be able to manage their accounts because they have little knowledge of IT. 


However, this is not true as no specific IT knowledge is required to manage to host. The principle of hosting management is very simple, designed so that it can be used successfully even by those who are not frequent browsers. Just a few specific button presses will help you perform certain functions. 


Finally, it is important to work with those companies that provide assistance. In this case, in case of any problems, they will be reacted to quickly.


Different types of web hosting


WEB hosting is very diverse and service providers can offer different types. However, the following hosts are most often classified and excluded:


  • Shared web hosting


If you save – then this is the best choice. True, this option is cost-effective and great for content on simple, representative sites. Ideally, when there are few files and the database is scarce.


  • Cloud hosting


This hosting is more professional than the first choice, it allows not only to store data but also to share it with each other. Of course, the cost of Cloud hosting is higher, but when you need speed and quality – it is definitely worth paying for. Importantly, Cloud hosting like Share web hosting does not require a lot of specific technical knowledge, making it extremely easy to use.


  • VPS hosting


This is a great choice for those who already have some knowledge about web hosting. With this hosting, the entrepreneur gains complete freedom to manage their hosting plan, change control panels, and many other things. It is perfectly adapted to the needs of different entrepreneurs, very safe, and works smoothly.


  • Dedicated hosting


This WEB hosting is a professional choice, as usually one large project is hosted on one server. This makes it much easier to keep track of information, to have as many capacity resources as needed. True, it is quite complex, so companies need to have an IT professional who can constantly monitor the smooth running of the site.

Can you get domain and web hosting from the same provider?


Yes, when ordering web hosting services, you can also buy the desired domain. When looking for the most suitable one, take a little more time to compare and evaluate the details, because the right domain is an opportunity to start a digital business effectively. Of course, you can buy hosting without a domain, so it’s your choice.

Also some can provide free templates for your website but if they don’t you can check out design ideas here.


Which web hosting suits your business the best?


Usually, the first criterion is the price, because the difference in hosting varies – the monthly costs also differ. But, of course, do not forget that each hosting is suitable for sites with different features.


One example of a hosting company is Hostens. This company offers VPS hosting, Cloud, and web hosting services as well as the ability to purchase data with the services.


There are also a lot of other web hosting companies, so before choosing one it is important to find out how different their services are. This can be helped by professionals who are familiar with the field, as well as various forums, reviews in which people share their experiences.


Every year, all shared web hosting companies work to offer customers the most innovative hosting possible, with more and more features. It is important to evaluate the website and order exactly the kind of web hosting plan that would provide maximum security and a wide range of functionality.



There are plenty of different types of hostings and different provides but despite the choice you will still be able to manage your website performance.


If you are interested in what we recommend, we recommend Hostens.com


They are reliable and easy to use and also their customer service is pretty great.