The Difference Between Wooden and Parquet Flooring

The Difference Between Wooden and Parquet Flooring

There are many things that separate parquet and wooden flooring in terms of maintenance. Both the types of material require regular care for its upkee

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There are many things that separate parquet and wooden flooring in terms of maintenance. Both the types of material require regular care for its upkeep. As much as possible, it is recommended that you hire a professional or a company that offers parquet and wooden flooring services. If you’re going to do it by yourself, make sure that you first check out the necessary parquet and wooden care materials that you need before you begin your project. A lot of people make mistakes by just buying the first piece of wood board or other material they see without checking out the necessary materials needed for their projects. This is the reason why most people fail to achieve the optimal result out of their DIY projects.

Parquet flooring Advantages

If you are going to use parquet flooring, it is best if you choose hardwood such as oak or maple. This will help you prevent the wood from cracking and splitting. Although this is the most expensive type of parquet material available on the market, it is still a very good investment because the finish is longer than the one obtained from ordinary hardwood. This means that you will have long-lasting flooring material. Aside from its excellent finish parquet floors are also known to be structurally stable because they are not glued down but actually glued into place. This gives parquets a more solid look and feel.

Wooden Flooring Advantages

On the other hand, wooden parquets are a bit more affordable and are easily available in most local hardware stores and home improvement stores. Although parquet floors are available in almost all hardware stores, it is best if you shop around first before you actually purchase the pieces of parquet flooring for your house. You can then compare the prices of different parquet flooring Dubai shops before you finalize your purchase. There are some cheap but good quality parquet flooring Dubai shops out there that are not hard to find.

Biggest difference between wooden and parquet flooring

The biggest difference between wooden and parquet flooring Dubai is the cost. Parquets are much cheaper compared to their wooden counterparts. This is why many people prefer to install parquets in their houses or offices compared to wooden flooring. One good thing about installing parquets is that they can be installed almost anywhere in your house or office. Thus, you do not need to worry about installing wooden floors at your house because they are very difficult to install at places like laundry rooms, entrance lobbies, stairways, etc.

Some other advantages of Parquet flooring

  • However, this does not mean that there are no benefits at all to install parquets. Parquets have many advantages over wooden floor. Parquet flooring in Dubai can withstand moisture and temperature fluctuations better than wooden floors. Furthermore, if you have kids at home, installing a wooden floor can be quite dangerous since they can easily slip on the wet surface. However, with a good quality parquet, such problems will not occur.
  • In addition, parquets provide excellent sound deadening qualities. They are designed in such a way that they can keep sound vibrations at bay. Thus, when you install parquets in your home, you do not have to worry about your kid’s disturbing other guests’ sleep. If you are planning to install parquets in your hotel lobby, you can be sure that no one will bother you will not be disturbed at all. However, this cannot be said about regular carpets.
  • One of the main reasons why parquets are preferred over wooden flooring is maintenance. Unlike wooden flooring, parquets do not require regular care and maintenance. This is why they do not require replacing or repairing. What’s more, if you are careful and take proper care of your parquets, you may never need to replace them. However, this may not be possible for those who have small children or pets at home.
  • Another big advantage parquets have over wooden flooring is the fact that they add an element of fashion as well as style to your homes. Since parquets are available in a variety of designs, you can use it to create a unique style for your rooms. Further, since parquets are available in a wide range of prices, you can easily find one within your budget. Thus, parquet floors are undoubtedly a much better choice than wooden flooring.

The first step in deciding which type of parquet flooring to install is really to determine whether or not you will be doing it yourself or hiring a professional contractor to do the job. It can be an expensive endeavor to hire professionals and you may wish to find out if you can save money by doing the installation yourself. In order to truly benefit from using parquet floors in Dubai, you need to use the correct type of wood. This may be a good idea when you decide to purchase parquet flooring as you will probably be replacing your parquet flooring on a fairly regular basis. Wooden floors tend to retain their color better than their parquet counterparts and can also seem to resemble a much younger floor surface. Parquet also offers a great choice of designs which may suit many different rooms of the home.

There is also the fact that wooden flooring Dubai can give you some truly fantastic sound effects. Parquet does not have the same quality as a solid floor does and because of this can sometimes be difficult to install. If you want to add some extra sound to your floor then you may wish to consider using a solid flooring instead of parquet. Another major benefit of wooden flooring is that it can look great throughout the home. If you choose a finish such as Walnut or Ebony you can give each room an individual and distinctive look.

Another difference between parquet and wooden flooring is the amount of maintenance they require. Parquet is easily maintained by sweeping it on a regular basis or by having it mopped with a damp cloth. Wooden floorboards can usually be protected by wiping them down on a daily basis, although this may not always be necessary.