Developmental creative thinking games for children

In this age of technology and constant development, everything changes every minute, creative thinking is one of the most appreciated skills in any field of life. So is there any interesting way to practice this skill? The answer is creative thinking games.

In this article, we provide suggestions for creative thinking games for two audiences: children and adults.

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1. Creative thinking game for kids

a. Painting and drawing:

Creative thinking games that every child is interested in does not make them too tired. This activity has many benefits such as helping children promote logical thinking, knowing how to perform tasks in the order of front – back, left – right or top – bottom, abstract thinking – when children sketch in their heads what they want. draw or color.

b. Molding clay:

Through this kneading game, children will practice skillful hands, stimulate imagination and develop intelligence in children. This is a creative thinking game not to be missed if you want to train children’s thinking

c. Assembly and jigsaw:

The assembled toys, jigsaw puzzles not only help children to be creative, stimulate their imagination and memory ability, but also teach them how to arrange and solve problems. Although jigsaw puzzles have high difficulty, it is a very good creative thinking game to develop children’s thinking.

d.  Static games for children from narrative stories:

Most children love to hear stories read with great curiosity and interest. Therefore, set aside a certain time of the day, usually before bedtime, to read or tell stories to your baby. If your child has already recognized letters, you can combine them to practice by asking him about the letters in the book.

It’s never too early to practice creative thinking. As the highest activity of the brain, creative thinking does not develop in a day or two but in a whole process. So, start training children’s thinking today with creative thinking games.

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When the technology age is increasingly developed, leading to consequences such as smartphones and addiction to social networks, creative activities like these will help balance social activities.

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2. Creative thinking games for adults

Creative thinking is a skill that can be learned and practiced through daily activities. With the creative thinking games – entertainment games below, you can both relax after a tiring day of studying and working, while training your thinking ability and acumen.

a.  Elevate.

When you start playing Elevate, you will receive 3 challenges each day by topics, aimed at developing skill groups like memory, concentration, and listening. Elevate will track your progress and recommend new games based on that.

With over 35 games, this creative thinking game provides fun, engaging “training” for your brain. The app has attracted 200,637 users.

b.  Memory Trainer.

This game currently has 31,663 users will help you increase your memory if you use it often. It is a collection of exercises that have been proven to enhance memory skills visually and vividly.

Not only that, the application helps to improve your focus for work as well as in all areas of life. User feedback says the app is pretty easy to use and fun.

c. Lumosity App.

This is a pretty famous creative thinking game app, with 70 million downloads with 45720 users. Lumosity consists of 25 games and will gradually increase in difficulty to train your cognitive skills in several important areas such as concentration, memory, calculation ability.

The games are beautifully designed, attractive, helping users “exercise” the brain in the most comfortable way. With the free version, everyday users will be able to play a limited number of games, according to the application’s default. Lumosity is included in the list of useful applications entrepreneurs need by skill development consultants.

d. Peak.

Peak’s games are developed by experts, professors at major universities like Cambridge or Yale. This creative thinking game app includes 40 mini-games, focusing on training memory, attention, problem-solving, brain reflexes, language, creativity, and emotional control touch.

Peak also has intensive programs to train specific skills. The game acts as your brain coach, recommending games suitable for your level and training results. At the same time, you can also choose quick games to entertain and kill time in the most useful way.

It’s never too early or too late to start practicing creative thinking. If you want to become one successful person and can abreast of the rapid changes of the times, start immediately to practice the thinking right now with the game exercise creative thinking on it this. Good luck!

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