Huawei Technologies Deemed ‘Threat’ to U.S. Security

Huawei Technologies

Huawei never seems to miss the spotlight and for odd reasons. Back in March, the United States termed the Chinese smartphone manufacturer a threat to its national security. Recently, the group’s chairman said Huawei would reclaim the smartphone industry’s “throne” despite American sanctions. I happened to catch this news on a TV channel on my Super internet deals at the … Read more

China Reveals Plans to Launch a Fleet of Mile-Long Solar Panels into Space 

solar panels into space

The renewed interest in space has been quite exciting. But instead of national space agencies like NASA, this time it is private companies leading the charge. Elon Musk’s space company SpaceX created a revolutionary form of space travel. One that involved reusable spacecraft. On the other hand, Joe Bezos and Blue Origin have made their own … Read more

Solve Norton Antivirus Live Update Update on Mac

Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus software makes use of a large number of Malware directories and machine-learning to detect Malware and provide excellent virus protection. It allows you to scan for viruses and provides real-time protection. Norton antivirus has the best Norton live updates. Symantec Corporation developed this utility. This utility automatically detects and then installs the most … Read more

Some Gadgets You Must Buy for Your Home

Smart Home Gadgets

Smart Gadgets – This whole era is dependent on technology. Everything and everyone requires technology to carry out a day. All of the things that we use in our daily life have been made out of the latest smart technology and can easily connect to the internet. From lights to watches, all this can work … Read more

Toxic Gases in the Oil and Gas Industry – Protect Against

Toxic Gases in the Oil and Gas Industry

Industrial workers are always prone to toxic and deadly gases while working. Unfortunately, the emission of these toxic gases often gets over the line, leaving everyone at risk. One such industry is the oil and gas industry where workers should know about different gases and their minimum levels. The management must make the workplace safe … Read more

How Do I Setup my Victony AC1200 WiFi Range Extender?

victony ac1200

Because so many of us are working from home owing to the coronavirus, our Wi-Fi networks are clogged with more apps than ever. You may have experienced a situation when the Wi-Fi signal would not reach a certain region in your home or business, causing you to rely on mobile data to complete your tasks. … Read more

How to make photo with Sparkle Effect photos

How to make photo with Sparkle Effect photos How to make photo with Sparkle Effect photos. Sparkle Effect – Pip Editor – Masterlogix best app to create your photograph totally engaging and heart-touching. you’ll use four tools during this app with several effects like photograph frames, overlays effects, twinkle effects, photograph cropping, photograph filters, and … Read more