Advantages of Using Meditouch EMR Software

Advantages of Using Meditouch EMR Software

Meditouch EMR Software Meditouch is a fully integrated EMR and medical billing application built by doctors to help you run your practice more effici

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Meditouch EMR Software

Meditouch is a fully integrated EMR and medical billing application built by doctors to help you run your practice more efficiently. Billing, clearinghouse, and patient portal software all integrate into the EMR. In addition, Meditouch is a cloud-based electronic medical record system featuring a touch-screen operating system for a more mobile-friendly experience.

The Meditouch EMR is famous for its user-friendly web-based application that allows for quick and thorough documentation. The cloud-based Meditouch solution saves you time by allowing you to chart patient data from any location. In addition, the UI includes pre-set templates specific to a variety of medical specializations. Overall, Meditouch EMR is a cost-effective EMR that has everything you need and want.

Meditouch EMR Software

Advantages of Using Meditouch EMR Software

History of Present Illness (HPI) System

One of Meditouch’s primary advantages is its History of Present Illness (HPI) technology. The system features Q&A forms that aid you in gathering knowledge about a specialization while also allowing assistance to ask questions and receive responses. You may even put the forms in a patient portal so that your patients can fill them out ahead of time. If the format you require isn’t in the Meditouch collection, you can create your own as well.

Streamlines Workflow

Meditouch EMR is known for simplifying your workflow and enhancing practice efficiency.  Electronic self-registration and check-in are also available through Meditouch EMR. In addition, patients can sign paperwork digitally with their fingertips. 

Moreover, HIPAA compliance paperwork, medical releases, financial policy, health history & demographics, and other documents are available. You can also use your phone to capture digital photographs throughout the exam and upload them directly to the note, where you can annotate the image.

Integrated Software

The Meditouch EMR fully integrates with various other solutions to help you maximize your clinical performance. The entire Meditouch suite includes EHR, Billing, Scheduling,  Appointment Reminders, Electronic Claims, Patient Insurance Eligibility Check, e-Prescribing, Labs, Patient Portal & e-Faxing.

Electronic Prescription

The e-Prescription feature of the Meditouch EMR makes it much easier to fill prescriptions. This feature is advantageous not only to you but also to your patients. You may theoretically prescribe medications using the software, and your patients can quickly pick up their prescriptions from whatever pharmacy they desire. 

Meditouch EMR Software

In addition, Meditouch Software’s e-prescription tool also allows you to check for any potentially hazardous drug interactions so that you can avoid them.

Patient Portal

A significant feature of Meditouch EMR Software is the patient portal that is valuable for you and your patients. Patients can view their medical records through a private, secure portal, which allows them to keep track of their health history, obtain medicine refills, and ask inquiries, among other things. In addition, when a patient portal integrates with an EMR system, it helps assure patient satisfaction with their care plan and establishes rapport.

Cloud-Based Interface

Meditouch EMR Software is accessible on cloud servers which means you can access it anywhere at any time. In addition, you can use the web-based interface on your mobile or iPad using the browser. Another key advantage of using a web-based EMR is that it allows you to save money otherwise spent on expensive hardware.

Surgery Care Plans

Meditouch’s pre-and post-surgery care plans include rapid access to patient medical records and pre-loaded templates specific to your specialty and needs. In addition, the interface is customizable, allowing you to record precise diagnostic and treatment goals.

Meaningful Use Certified

Meditouch, as well as the patient portal it provides, is Meaningful Use certified. In addition, the software includes a Meaningful Use Report Card that can help you show meaningful use of an EHR system and, as a result, avoid federal penalties. 


According to the company, meeting Meaningful Use guidelines requires essentially no additional effort. You only need to sign up and follow the on-screen instructions for entering your report card results into the website.

Meditouch EMR Demo

The Meditouch software also offers a free demo that you can acquire before directly purchasing the software. We recommend you schedule a demo as it helps in making an informed decision for your healthcare practice. 


The Meditouch EMR demo enables you to navigate through various features of the software in an actual healthcare setting. You can explore the software much more closely during the demo. 

Meditouch Software Price

Meditouch doesn’t make its pricing model public, so you’ll have to contact the company directly to acquire a price. However, you can register on the company’s website, and a representative will approach you shortly. According to the website, there are no beginning expenses, no training fees, and no costs for system updates.

Meditouch Reviews

You can dig deeper into Meditouch EMR and its features Meditouch EMR Softwareby reading a current users’ perspective. The Meditouch reviews are accessible through multiple online sources. You can read them to gain more insight into the software.


Here are the typical advantages and disadvantages of Meditouch EMR Software according to current users.


  • Meditouch EHR is adaptable and customizable, making it ideal for practically any medical specialty.
  • The Meditouch EMR provides more features than the competitors.
  • The EMR Software is highly user-friendly 
  • The customer service responds promptly.


  • It takes a few months to understand all of the functions, but you’ll find it handy once you do.

Our Two Bits About Meditouch Software

If you’re unclear whether or not Meditouch EMR is a good investment, we might be able to help. First, read as many Meditouch EMR reviews as you can on the internet to understand what healthcare providers have to say about the software.

Another suggestion is to request a Meditouch EMR demo from the seller so that you may see the EMR Software in action. Moreover, the demo will better equip you to judge the program because you’ll have seen it in operation and will be able to make a more educated choice about whether or not it matches your expectations.