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A virtual prepaid card and a thousand ways to use it

Has it ever happened to you that you plan to buy something but you don't have a credit card or you don't meet the requirements that tr

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Has it ever happened to you that you plan to buy something but you don’t have a credit card or you don’t meet the requirements that traditional banking requires to access financial products?

That is no longer a problem, welcome to 2021! Times have changed and today there are a thousand ways to buy and pay without having to do endless paperwork to access solutions or do a lot of paperwork and lines at branches. Know everything you can do simply from the comfort of your cell phone.

Mastercard is a virtual prepaid card, that is, a digital payment method with which you can buy in different stores, whether national or international. In addition, with it you can contract different services such as subscriptions, pay for mobility or delivery services, pay for registration or registration, acquire benefits and special offers with businesses, among many others. Not only are there thousands of ways to use it, but also thousands of brands and institutions to use it!

What is the advantage of using your Mastercard? The advantages are innumerable, but the most important thing is that – regardless of how you use it – with you can access a card without commissions or maintenance costs. That’s how it is! We give you a thousand options without paying extra for it; pay only what is fair.

Bye to cash! Forget about hanging around with loose coins and bills.

Because times change, we have known how to break with the established and incorporate all the technology to design a safe and easy-to-use card. You just need to create a digital account and load the money you want to start using it. That is, since the card and its information are on your cell phone, you can use it wherever and whenever you want without the need to go to a branch or do eternal procedures in person. Digital is the future!

If you are thinking of going to the mall to buy the products you need, forget it! Find what you need on the sites of your favorite shops and pay for them with your card . Take advantage of the quarantine to remodel your house and renew your furniture or decoration with the products of Sodimac , Easy , ABC Din or Casa Ideas . Say goodbye to your old clothes and update that closet with the latest season clothes and accessories, showcase all the options in Falabella , Ripley , Paris or Hites . If you are one of the technology fans, do not miss the latest Linio trends ,PC Factory and take advantage of the great offers of Mercado Libre .

Probably yours are international trends or wholesale purchases, because if you are a lover of Chinese, European or American products, and you already know the best foreign stores, your virtual card is very useful and safe at the time of making purchases in international stores. Pay confidently and securely with a prepaid card and avoid extra charges or unknown fees. Browse Aliexpress, Shein, Wish, Amazon or Alibaba and get the best price on the products you are looking for. If you’re a gamer at heart, find the latest video games and virtual adventures on PlayStation, Nintendo, and hundreds of other gaming sites. Discover the more than 5,000 merchants where you can buy with Mastercard

More than just shopping, pay what you need while still enjoying your favorite services and activities!

There are so many other pleasures in life than just shopping Did you know that with a virtual card you can also pay for all your subscriptions? Of course, with the card it is very easy to hire all the entertainment platforms you want. We know that we all need a minute of relaxation in our day to day, that’s why: sit back and choose your favorite series, documentaries and movies on Netflix , Amazon Prime or Disney + . The choice depends on you, the means of payment you already have. How about we put music on it? Use your Mastercard to pay for your Spotify subscription and don’t stop vibrating with the best playlists of your favorite artists.

The list of options does not end, you can do what you want, when and where you want. We love freedom! If you are like us, have you already thought about planning a next trip? you can enjoy the benefits of paying in Multi- destinations and take advantage of an incredible vacation in your dream destination, and if you want to need a hotel, residence or place to sleep, find the best accommodation for you by paying with the same card on Airbnb.

Knowledge is power! That’s why we want you to know everything. If it is not yet time for a vacation, you can take advantage of the time to perfect yourself and continue learning with the courses, consultancies and classes that best suit your tastes. Find your way and take that class that complements you at Open Education, Domestika and hundreds of establishments in Chile and abroad. If you need to move, take advantage of moving freely and, at the same time, taking care of the environment with a Mobike bicycle or perhaps an electric scooter from Lime. Find the services that suit you best and keep using them!

If you have not done so yet, we remind you that with your Mastercard you can also pay for mobility services such as Uber or Cabify to travel comfortably to where you want or make fast shipments. Compare the prices of each route and choose the one that best suits your pocket. And if -on the contrary- you do not want to go out, ask for what you need directly to your home and without leaving the couch, forget about cooking or get rid of that craving by ordering your favorite food at Uber Eats , or request the merchandise and drinks you need at Rappi or Orders Now .

No need to give you ideas, for all needs find an answer by paying with the virtual prepaid card Mastercard. Buy and pay quickly, easily and safely from wherever you want (and whenever you want …).