A Guide to Building your Dream Home

You may have a plot of land that is ready for your retirement Dream home, or your old home has reached a point where a knockdown and rebuild is the best solution, either way, you have a golden opportunity to design your own living space. Of course, we are not talking about you actually building the property, that should fall to a local custom builder, one that is very experienced in building homes to order.

Choosing a Custom Builder

There are award winning residential architects in Melbourne who handle the entire project from initial design concept right through to the final handover to the client. Finding a builder with a turnkey solution is essential if you wish to enjoy the experience; they can start by helping you with design and when a layout has been agreed, the custom builder can quote an all-inclusive price for the project. As you would expect, there are industry awards for the best builders and this can be your guide to choosing a company to build your dream house. Not all builders work with the client to build a house according to their specifications, but those that do are very good at their job and their goal is to make the client happy.

Composite Building Materials

If you are going to build a house in this day and age, you should seriously consider using composite materials, as they require little or no maintenance and possess high insulation qualities, making for an eco-friendly residence. This is something to discuss with the builder, who is very knowledgeable regarding building materials. Here are 12 tips on how to renovate your home on a budget.

Clean & Renewable Energy Solutions

This is an exciting time to build a house, as the Australian government offers homeowners attractive incentives to adopt solar power and if you make inquiries with your state government, you can find out what grants you are entitled to. With the current level of solar technology, there’s no reason that you need to connect to the National Grid, now that we have ultra-efficient solar panels and storage batteries. Your builder would have all the info on solar power, which is a smart long-term investment and with their help, you can go green with your power needs.

Dealing with the Authorities

Of course, you can’t just build your dream home; the plans must be submitted to the state and approved before you can begin. This is something a custom builder would handle on your behalf, while keeping you informed at every stage of the project; there are many aspects of the build to arrange, such as site surveys, utility connections, power supply and drainage, to name but a few.

Working to your Budget

The custom builder will do what they can to build your dream home to your budget and as the project unfolds, nothing is set in stone and changes can be made. The contract would be quite complex, with payments to be made when specific points are reached and you would have a project manager who liaises with you regarding every aspect of the build.