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Video marketing has been on the rise these days. With advancements in digital marketing, video marketing has been trending among all age groups and se

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Video marketing has been on the rise these days. With advancements in digital marketing, video marketing has been trending among all age groups and sections of society.

Popular websites and sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc., have been gaining popularity and attention from all around the world. Hence, they have become the best places to invest.


YouTube occupies a giant space in this whole set of websites. Every day, millions of people watch, like, and subscribe to the videos on this platform.

YouTube is often referred to as the world’s β€œsecond largest search engine,” It helps you find content quickly and thoroughly engages you.

Searching videos on YouTube

  1. Focus on your keywords/Topic

To increase your traffic, keywords play a very important role. Using the right keywords and topics may help you to grow your traffic and audience.

Many people post very good content on the channel but are unaware of the SEO practices; hence, they miss out on an audience. To grow your audience, it is crucial to focus on your keywords.

This will attract viewers and increase your viewership. Use keywords that are specific to Youtube, and you can reach your target.

Before posting content on the Youtube channel, decide on your keywords first to make it constructive and attractive. The keywords should be content-related and information specific.

Post deciding your keywords, research the videos on the channel to ensure that you are moving on the right track. Along with the keywords, add title and descriptions too to your video.

Also, be careful about the duration of your video. The most viewed on YouTube is generally lesser than 5 minutes.

For example, if you are making a video on loans, you can use keywords such as 15 minute loans, quick loans etc. to attract audience.

  1. Reformatting for quality Content

The quality of your post matters the most. If you have already created some content, you can use that again by engaging it in a useful and actionable way.

It is not necessary to create content from scratch every time. Any content that solves the problems of the audience is great and valuable. You can refer to blogs, websites to check for innovative ways to create content and videos.

  1. Be engaging

Creating content is not sufficient. Since YouTube is a social media channel, and as the name says, it is important to engage with your audience.

Engaging with your audience can really help you in increasing your subscribers and viewers. Engage with your audience whenever possible. You can post comments, reply to comments, get into discussions with your audience.

Comments form a very important section of your YouTube videos. Respond to every comment and be prompt in your response. This will engage your audience and ask your audience to reply to your com nets with audio or video prompts.

  1. Go Branded

Is your YouTube channel visually appealing? Do you have some good visitors to your channel? Does your channel look professional or gives an amateur-feel?

Branding is your way out to increase your audience and give your channel a professional makeover.

You have to keep a different look for your channel, and viewers should be able to differentiate it from a blog or a random video. It should be appealing and matching to your content.

With the right branding to your video, additionally, use custom URLs and also focus on your bio as it appeals to the readers to know about you? The audience is interested in knowing about the channel maker.

  1. Promotion on other Social media channels

Social media is a liberal platform that makes you promote your business or content for free on its channels. You can grow your audience by promoting your videos on other social media channels.

You can choose the social media platforms and start with your promotion. To promote your video, you can drop in a teaser on Social media platforms that will have public engagement.

Once your teaser has engagements, you can post the full video to get more audience and likes on your video.

  1. Upload frequently

The tip may sound clichΓ©, but that is the right way to get more audience. Increase your post frequency to stay on the mind of your audience.

It is not mandatory to create fancy posts every time. You can come up with some basic content as the aim is to be regular in your posts. Consistency is essential.

Also, if you are posting, try to post on the same day and time of the week so that audience can get to know your patters and wait for your post. Stick to your schedule and be regular.


You have to be liable for your brand. Engaging with your audience regularly and putting quality content are the driving factors for the increased audience on your channel.

Be honest and true in your approach, and you can go a long way.

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