5 Cybersecurity Trends Of 2021 You Need To Be Aware Of

What are the current cybersecurity trends of tomorrow? Well, in the next decade, governments around the world will have to think about securing private and public networks from attack by a nation-state and corporate-sponsored hackers. The first cybersecurity legislation was enacted a few years ago to address this issue. These laws make it illegal for anyone to engage in offensive online activities that are intended to maliciously “hack” into a computer network without the authorization of an actual individual or business entity. In short, you need to know the laws so you don’t get into trouble.

Cyber espionage and subversion happen daily. Take the recent case of Sony Pictures where North Korea, Iran, and a group of hackers attacked Sony’s computers and took some of their digital movie productions. They leaked these movies to the internet for free. This is a new and scary trend in cyberspace. Can you imagine the effect if China got hold of those movies and released them online to the general public? It would be chaos on an epic scale.

Hackers are getting better at getting around security. They’re coming up with new ways to break into networks and release information. Last year, hackers discovered a way to infiltrate networks using an infected USB device. This technique gave them the ability to access data on a massive scale and put financial pressure on businesses. Most companies reacted by installing powerful firewalls and software to protect their information.

Another serious issue facing businesses today is phishing. This is when an employee e-mails information that looks like it came from a legitimate company. Oftentimes, the hacker is using fake credentials to gain access to sensitive information. When employees click on links, they run the risk of exposing company secrets, putting the company at risk for litigation.

As more layers of security fall, we will see more spam. This spam is not intended to harm but to simply collect information. Companies rely on e-mail to perform important business tasks. The ability for someone to spoof an e-mail address and create a new contact is now possible. Spammers are taking advantage of this vulnerability to send spam to people’s mailboxes without their knowledge.

There are many more cybersecurity trends that you need to be aware of. Stay on top of new advances in this fast-paced field by educating yourself. You’ll be in a better position to protect your business if you understand what is happening. Make sure you have a solid system in place for tracking cyber threats and responding to them. Keep your eyes open and be informed.

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