4 SEO Market Trends that should be on tip of any Marketer’s

It is no surprise that digital marketing has blown into an eminent part of businesses all across the globe. With around 4.27 billion internet users as per Data Report 2021 statistics, the prospect of capitalizing over this range of users is beneficial and profitable. One of the prerequisites of internet marketing is SEO. Search Engine Optimization SEO is important because a crucial amount of traffic is generated from the search engines. In this regard, Google is the torchbearer of this field leaving behind Yahoo and Baidu. But over time things are changing in the internet world. Even in the case of seo agency dubai, the same monotonous tactics are dying out as millions of websites are churning content continuously. That’s why it is really important to get a better understanding of SEO trends, to get ranked by Google more efficiently.

Truth be told after the devastation of the pandemic in 2020 many businesses faced losses and the old-school methodology of SEO showed some limitations. From local business to high-end companies, everyone was equally affected. Some SEO company directed their attention in different ways. This new experimentation phase led to new possibilities too. So as we’re entering 2021 some new trends are on the horizons waiting to be applied by smart businesses. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the essential SEO trends of 2021


1- Voice Search


In just a couple of years “voice search” has grown into a crucial part of finding and locating things online. According to Google’s report,  many consumers consider voice search to be “the future”. Voice search is the humanized form of approaching search engines, that’s why it is important to get hold of this trend. The same report by Google also revealed that 4 out 10 adults in the US perform at least one voice search per day.


  • This can be achieved by optimizing your content around some conversational keywords. It provides you more edge as most old-school keywords are limited but not in the case of conversational keywords. For instance, the best printing service is a normal keyword, on the contrary, the best printing service with reasonable prices is more of a conversational keyword.
  • Another way to use the voice search in your favor is to add FAQs in your content, Google search prefers to get voice search answers from FAQs.

2- Video SEO via YouTube


Everyone is watching videos all the time. It has become one of the most immediate sources of knowledge and information in contemporary internet marketing. This is not a mere exaggeration, according to a survey by Youtube, they have one billion active users. Thus it is careless not to utilize Video SEO for better internet marketing. On the bright side, many people are using youtube which has increased the number of potential clients, on the other hand, this increased number of users have intensified the competition. So in case you want your video to be found on Youtube, you have to optimize your content, There are ways to do that such as:

  • Finding keywords from Youtube autocomplete search bar
  • Applying those keywords in your title, tags, and description of the video.


3- Content aligned with Google E.A.T Principle  


To be recognized more efficiently on Google it is important that your content in the total alignment of E.A.T principle by Google i.e. expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This is especially helpful for long-form content. There is no hidden rocket science behind this method because it certainly requires some due diligence and efficiency.  So there can be a different way to achieve this

  • Assimilate the buyer’s personality and understand what kind of content your clients values, a top-notch content with thorough grip has a high chance of getting a better ranking on Google
  • Research of “Search intent” will assist you in mapping out the consumer’s journey. Google has prioritized search intent which has redefined the marketing funnel altogether.
  • Figure out the type/kind of search intent by analyzing the keywords themselves. Intent can be of four types: informational, commercial, transactional, navigational. Thus by figuring out the intent type via better keywords, it will assist you in increasing the accuracy of your content hence the client traffic on the website.

4- Keeping up with Google Al Algorithm


The ultimate future of modern genius is Artificial Intelligence and Google with its new AI-assisted Algorithm is reconceptualizing the notion of the ranking tool. Google AI Algorithm, “RankBrain” reads how many people select your website on the first page of the result. If your website has vast organic clicks then Google will rank it higher. Along with clicks, the amount of time any user spends on your website also determines whether your content is making the user happy/satisfied. You can cope up with AI Algorithm by making sure that your titles and tag are optimized for on-page SEO and click-through rate (CTR) to maintain your ranking

Final Thoughts:

There is no specific magic spell to rank higher in the internet ecosystem as each day a new company is coming to the surface with more content so in that case, one might need high-end assistance from seo services that can thoroughly understand the situation and needs of a particular business. By applying these mentioned trends one can easily learn more about SEO trends but also get ahead of the evolving ideas.

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