11 Ideas for Effective and Influential Hybrid Events

In the light of novel coronavirus, hybrid events have shown remarkable ways to bring people together in one frame. We live in a developing country where each day we get to know new technological measures. Thanks to our passionate tech-enthusiasts who work painstakingly to provide us with better opportunities to connect and network with people all around the world.Β 


There are many trending ideas been used in the market today which are embraced by the event organisers. To help you guide through these ideas, we have compiled a list of 11 best practices that will help you reach the success ladder quickly and effectively. Continue reading to understand hybrid events alongside the ideas to boost engagement effectively in 2021 and beyond.Β 


What are hybrid events?Β 

Hybrid or mix events are any event that perfectly blends live, traditional elements alongside digital components. It could be a conference, trade show, fashion show, seminar, AGMs, etc. Experts believe hybrid events are the best platform that exquisitely bridges the gap between online and onsite participants. It allows attendees to either attend the meeting from their respective remote areas or be physically present in the event.Β 


11 ideas for an influential hybrid event

Given below are 11 ideas demonstrated by different organisations that will help you successfully manage your planning and executions and will also inspire you. Let’s dive right into the credentials.Β 


  1. Apple product launch event

Apple is a trillion-dollar organisation that almost immediately reacted to the global pandemic to continue staying in touch with its customers. Apple has organised many hybrid product launches to generate awareness regarding its latest products among fans, competitor brands, and technology and gadget enthusiasts. It is marked as the most exuberating hybrid event, which, as addressed by the CEO Tim Cook addressed and was attended by an enormous hybrid audience.Β 


  1. ABM innovation summit

We all are well aware of the ABM innovation summit, how profounding the summit was indeed! Due to a worldwide health emergency, they took some serious measures to reach out to their audiences and decided to share recordings and publications of the company in a keynote streaming. This summit was presented by Demandbase executives where they spoke about the future of the industry.Β 


  1. TwitchCon

TwitchCon is a video gaming platform that hosted a phenomenal hybrid event and effectively left a mark in the industry. They have been conducting events in a hybrid space almost frequently that has till now able to attract worldwide gaming enthusiasts, gaming fans, and live streamers.Β 


  1. Johnson & Johnson

Do we need to introduce this famous baby care product brand? The truth is, we all have been using Johnson’s baby products throughout our lifetime. They recently hosted a hybrid event that went tremendously successful and stimulating. Thousands of attendees participated in the events who had an amazing experience especially because of their easy UI and customised branding feature.Β 


  1. LiveWorxΒ 

LiveWorx, just like any other company switched almost instantly from in-person events to online streaming, and keynote sessions. LiveWorx is the perfect example of a definitive event for online transformation as they shifted approximately 7,000 visitors into a hybrid environment without any unmeaningful challenges. How crackerjack is that?


  1. Riot games Esports operations

A massive hype was build amidst attendees after Roit games eSports released the league of legends series. With almost millions of gaming fans participating from every corner of the. Hats off to their determination and overcoming the extreme challenges such as broadcasting, hardware, and networking.Β 


  1. John Mayer’s dive bar tour

Yet another great example of establishing a power-packed live video β€˜Dive Bar Tour’ was presented on social media which took the internet into a massive hype. John Mayer’s show was live-streamed on Facebook which facilitated top-notch musicians in the Facebook live video chat.Β 



INBOUND is an annual event hosted by HubSpot that invites famous celebrity speakers like Alex Rodrigeuz. People from all over the world look forward each year to take part in this gaga sports event, roll into uproarious entertainment, and watch their favourite standup comedians crack them up with their outstanding jokes. HubSpot started conducting its events back in 2020 and enabled attendees to leverage the missed sessions through its recorded event files.Β 


  1. Yellow conference

In 2020, the Yellow Conference hosted a hybrid conference, with 2 distinct gatherings for an online and in-person audience. To make it more engaging, try developing segment-specific experiences for your attendees.


  1. DigiMarCon West

DigiMarCon West’s 2020 conference was a textbook example of a very engaged and effective hybrid event. All participants were captivated by expert presenters who provided important information into digital marketing methods.


Your hybrid event should have at least two ticket kinds: one that enables people to witness the whole traditional event and another that enables them to see the conference material and festivity on their desktops.


  1. Social media marking the world

Social Media Marketing World is the cream of the crops when it comes to social media conferences. Annually, hundreds of people attend the event, which has fantastic material from some of the most well-known personalities in social marketing.


The conference for 2020 has already happened. However, you can now view all of the conference sessions online. Online ticket holders also have exclusive use of the networking group where they may meet and connect with their colleagues.


Most professional gatherings provide networking opportunities. Successful hybrid events not only deliver excellent material but also allow virtual participants to network with colleagues from all over the world.

Over to you

Hybrid events have exceptionally paved their presence in the event industry arsenal and also in the other business sectors. It has provided immense reach, sustainable event ROI, improves data analytics, and so much more to an event organiser. The aforementioned 11 ideas will ensure a great opportunity for you to tune in to success just like the other renowned companies. Just stay creative, consider your attendee’s opinions, keep developing new planning and execution strategies to establish a better future. And not to forget mentioning, follow the safety guidelines to ensure your attendees engage and have fun while also eliminate the worries related to the virus.Β 


Happy Reading!Β 

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