10 Most Common Problems of the Boiler System

Are you facing some problems with the boiler? If yes, then there are certain things more inconvenient than having hot water and heating system in your house. This blogpost discusses about common problems of your boiler and probable causes behind them. There are some possible fixes that can help to get your heat-only, combi or system boiler back up and run properly.

  1. Leakage in the boiler – There can be a leakage in your boiler due to some problem with the internal part like pump seal or pressure valve. When a leak develops around the pipe of your system, this occurs due to some corrosion. There might be an issue as to how the boiler has been installed. You need to get in touch with an engineer who can help to detect the issue and fix it accordingly. When the leak takes place due to serious fault, your engineer will suggest for installing a new boiler.
  2. Low pressure in your boiler – You may detect the pressure of your boiler is low by considering built-in pressure gauge. The boiler’s pressure is usually set at 1.5 bar and when it is less than that, the boiler won’t function efficiently. Low boiler pressure occurs due to leakage in the system, failed seal or component and radiators. It is suggested that you consider visible signs of a leakage in order to detect the problem. When you find some leakage, you should contact a gas safe engineer who will help in solving the problem on time.
  3. No hot water or heating – It is really frustrating when the boiler stops working suddenly and fail to provide hot water and heating. The problem may occur due to broker boiler system, low pressure, motorised valves, broker airlocks or thermostat. If you want to find out the problem that has led to low pressure, you need to check pressure gauge and see whether it is less than 1. You are advised to check the manufacturer guide of the device for getting a probable solution in case the heating and hot water has occurred due to some issue with the thermostat.
  4. Frozen condensate pipe – This is a common problem during the cold months when the condensate pipe of your system is responsible for transporting the condensate from your boiler to the outer drain. The condensate may freeze and lead to some kind of blockage where the pipe is fitted externally. This problem might lead the condensate to revert back in your boiler and cause breakdown of the system. Thankfully, you can fix the issue easily by yourself.
  5. Defects in the radiator – When there are cold patches and other issues, they occur due to the accumulation of sludge or air inside the radiators so that the heat can be distributed in an unequal way. Some cold patches in several areas may denote different types of problems and radiator issues may be resolved through bleeding the radiator which can be done by yourself.
  6. Boiler is not responding to your thermostat – You need to be sure that the device is in proper line with the new time. When the boiler is not at all responding to the thermostat, this means the controls might either be broken or old. But there are certain checks to be done before drawing the conclusion that the boiler has failed completely. You may replace the batteries and try to reposition the system close to your boiler to detect any kind of interference for the problem. You may go through the instructions in your booklet or contact the manufacturer in case the problem remains with the thermostat.
  7. Whistling or banging noises from the boiler – It is quite normal for the boiler to create some noise when it is working. But when the boiler stops to make whistling or banging noises suddenly, you are advised to contact a qualified engineer immediately. When there is unusual noise in your boiler, this may occur due to a faulty pump, accumulation of limescale called kittling, low water pressure or presence of air in the system.
  8. Pilot light keeps switching off – The old boilers have a permanent pilot light that remains lit for lighting larger burner within the boiler. When this light keeps going out, there might be a defective thermocouple that cuts off gas supply. On the other hand, there can also be the accumulation of deposit or draught blowing out the light. You may try to reignite the pilot light in case you feel comfortable with it. It is suggested to read through the instructions carefully in the boiler manual and ensure gas stopcock is on so that there aren’t any issues with gas supply. This fault is more common with old boilers as modern systems are not built with pilot lights. If the problem remains with your pilot light, it may be worthy enough to install a new boiler system.
  9. Boiler will not be turned on – If your boiler cannot be turned on, you need to check power supplies and other appliances in your home and find out whether they are working. In case they are, make sure you check the fuse box to find out if any switches have tripped or failed. When you cannot find out the exact cause, it is suggested that you contact a gas safe engineer. If the boiler has been turned out but it keeps going off, the pressure may be low or there could be some blockage in the system. You need to check the pressure gauge of your system and repressurise the boiler when it has been set below 1.
  10. Breakdown of the boiler – If it is left unaddressed, all the problems discussed above may cause complete breakdown of your boiler. In this situation, you need to get in touch with your gas safe engineer as early as possible. When you use a heat-only or regular boiler, you might be having access to backup immersion heater that will provide hot water. Besides, inefficiency my lead to breakdown of your boiler which can be beyond repair. When you are using an old and inefficient boiler system in your house, it is suggested that you look for a new system and get it installed so that you can get hot water and heating, as required. Besides, having an energy-efficient boiler may help to save on the energy bills to a great extent.

It is vital to note that you should perform necessary checks only on the boiler system that involve minimal risks with them. You are advised not to try for fixing the issue as this might be extremely dangerous for the boiler and safety of your house. So, whether you know about the problem is or not, you may fix an appointment with boiler engineers who will diagnose the exact cause of the problem and enable heating backup so that it runs effectively. You can always use the Internet when looking for β€œemergency boiler repair near me” in your area and repair the boiler on time.

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